3 Reasons You Should Study Cyber Security in 2022

Cyber security has never been more important. As more and more people are working from home and more and more hackers and bad actors are taking advantage of people’s trust and lack of knowledge about cyber security, the need for security experts has grown exponentially. There are so many jobs in this field that are in demand and businesses of all shapes and sizes need cyber security experts on staff these days.

If you have been wondering if cyber security is the right career path for you, there are some compelling reasons that you should look into this career path. Studying cyber security can open up many doors for you in the future and there is a lot of upward mobility to be enjoyed in this career field as well. If you don’t want to get bored or grow tired of your career, a cyber security degree can serve you really well in your future.

If you are ready to learn some more about the reasons that you should study cyber security in 2022, you need to keep reading!

Reasons You Should Study Cyber Security in 2022

A recent study by IBM showed that the average cyber-attack costs $3.86 million. This is a staggering figure and shows that the cost of hiring and employing cyber security teams is well worth the investment when compared to the cost of resolving a major cyber-attack. Companies are aware of this and they are more motivated than ever to hire skilled cyber security experts to take care of their network and company data. You will find that your cyber security skills will serve you well for years to come if you choose this career path.

1.       Room to Grow

Cyber security jobs offer a lot of room to grow and change directions if you decide that you want to focus on a specific area of this niche in the future. You can choose to get an advanced degree in this field as well if you want to skip the line and head right to the management of a team of cyber security experts. There are so many ways to make your cyber security degree pay off that there really is no argument to not to head into this career field.

When you have a cyber security degree in hand, you will get to cut to the front of the line and skip over entry-level positions in many cases as well. Cyber security education is specialized and it can help you to open doors for yourself as soon as you are out of school. This is a great way to make sure that your career never stagnates and that you have the chance to make a real difference as you grow in experience and skill.

2.       Lots of Demand

There are so many companies that are looking for skilled cyber security experts these days that you will never have to struggle to find a job. You can work nearly anywhere that you want to and you will find that there are often lots of mid-level to senior positions that are open for you to apply for. The demand for this kind of skilled employee has never been greater and this demand can create the chance to do big things and to move to many different places.

Being able to enjoy mobility and freedom of choice in your career is really exceptional and this path of study will ensure that you have access to these benefits as soon as you start working. The cyber security industry is ever-growing and changing as well, which means that new opportunities and chances to increase your skills and knowledge will crop up over and over again throughout your career.

3.       Great Pay

This is a field that pays very well and that even outstrips a lot of IT jobs as far as pay scale. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, cyber security specialists can make an average of $102,000 a year. This is just the median figure that is offered for many of these jobs per year, so you can see that the industry pays very well overall. Even entry-level jobs offer much better pay than other comparable positions in other areas of the IT field.

If you have been looking to make a really good living and enjoy what you do at the same time, this is probably the right degree path for you! You will be able to increase this earning potential over time and when you move up to management or more senior jobs, you can almost double this income depending on where you are employed. There are also lots of great benefits that come with these kinds of jobs and flexible work schedules and great benefits are often another added part of your compensation package. No matter if you have ever dreamed of working for a tech giant like Microsoft or if you want to manage a local network for a hospital system, you will find that the pay is excellent.

Cyber Security is a Growing Field With High Demand

There are so many reasons that you might want to choose to study cyber security. Having access to lots of career opportunities, great pay, and being able to find jobs in almost any industry and any state in the US are all good reasons to choose this career path for your future. You will gain so much from your cyber security degree and you will be imminently employable right out of school.

Whether you are looking to change gears as an established professional or you are just trying to decide what to focus on in your final two years of school, cyber security is a great choice. This is one of the most lucrative and important parts of the IT industry and you will find that your cyber security skills will only increase in relevance as time goes on. If you are ready to change your future in a very positive way, cyber security is a great choice for your studies.


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