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Master’s Degrees: 4 Best Master’s Degrees in Nursing 2022

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Getting a master’s degree in nursing can be very beneficial for a whole host of reasons. You might want to be able to start seeing your own patients or become a nurse midwife. Maybe you are interested in management roles or in increased responsibilities and challenges in your daily work processes.

Whatever the reason that you are thinking about getting a master’s in nursing, you need to decide which degree path you want to focus on. The degree that you choose can impact your future job offers and chances and you do not want to get a master’s that will not serve your needs when you decide to redirect your career. There are lots of directions that you can take in your nursing career and having the right master’s can make all the difference in your options.

If you are ready to learn more about the best master’s degrees for nursing in 2022, you need to keep reading!

Best Master’s Degrees in Nursing 2022

1. Nurse Anesthetist Program

To become a CRNA, you will need to be sure that you have selected the right nursing master’s program that will teach you about anesthesia processes and prepare you for this lucrative and very essential job. Nurses in this field can earn an average of $202,000 a year and they can make it possible for people to get surgeries without having to wait for months for a surgical date that has the right anesthesia specialist on hand for the procedure.

This is a critical and growing field within the nursing profession and getting a degree that prepares you for this job can be a big step in the future of your career. If you enjoy the process of being involved in surgical procedures and you want to fill a need that is dire in some care areas, this is a great choice to make for your master’s degree. Surgical nurses are some of the most skilled nurses in practical care settings and you will never get bored if you pick this exciting and essential job.

2. MSN Bridge Programs

For more generalized nursing, you can get accepted to an MSN bridge program that will allow you to take your associate degree to a master’s without having to get a BSN first. This can be very time effective and can provide you access to the master’s program. That you have been wanting to apply to but were held back from accessing by your associate’s degree.

This is a great choice for nurses who have a lot of hands-on experience and who want to move on to a more senior job at their organization. You will save a lot of time getting your master’s in nursing in this fashion and you will find that you will also save money. This is a great fast track to the master’s that you need and you will not have to take much of a break from your work life to get this degree completed and in your hand.

Best Master’s Degrees in Nursing

3. Dual Master’s Programs

If you are not sure exactly which part of nursing you want to end up working in and you are a good student, you can take a dual master’s program to cover more of your bases. This can be an MBA along with a nursing program degree or two master’s within the field of nursing. Having two master’s degrees will make you very eligible for senior and management jobs and this can also help you to skip the line to get to better-paying jobs right out of school.

Dual master’s programs are the perfect fit for really driving people. Who love school and who want to have lots of options open; to them when they are done getting their degree. You will have a world of opportunities open to you if you get two master’s degrees at the same time and you will likely not have to go back to school later.

4. Nurse Practitioner Degrees

If you want to be able to treat your own patients and follow their care; through years of treatment, this is the right master’s degree for your needs. Nurse practitioners are in high demand these days as more and more people want to secure. A primary care doctor who knows them well and can help them. To secure the care that they need without having to hop from doctor to doctor each visit.

Nursing practitioners also make an excellent living, earning on average $123,000 a year. This is one of the areas where you can really direct your career in any way. That you choose and having this degree in your hands; can allow you to work almost anywhere in the country as well. This degree will also allow you to become a nurse midwife. Which can open up another entire avenue of professional investment that many nurses find very rewarding.

A Master’s in Nursing Can be Very Beneficial to Your Career

4 Best Master’s Degrees in Nursing 2022

If you have decided that nursing is the right career for you. You will want to consider the master’s degree programs that will give you the chance; to make the most of your career change. Nursing can give you access to a fulfilling careerl; that will pay you well and will offer you the chance to make a difference in people’s lives. There are so many reasons to consider getting a master’s in nursing and you will find; that there are lots of different degree programs out there to take advantage of as well.

When you have decided to get your master’s degree; make sure that you look at the kinds of jobs that you think you want; to focus on getting once your degree is in hand. Having the right degree will make it easy for; you to control your earning potential and to secure the job that you have always wanted. With the right master’s or dual master’s on your resume; you will be able to get nearly any nursing job!

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