5 Bizarre Food Fusions from Across the Globe that tastes Delicious

The love for good food is something that is common for almost every human being. The differences in the geographical terrains, climates, available resources, and cultural backgrounds inspires the diversified cuisines of the world. With globalisation and the ease of transportation and communication, almost all types of cuisines have found their way to our dining tables.  

Good food has successfully crossed all borders and is making its place in the global scenario. With most of the big cities becoming a melting pot for diversified communities, their culture and food, world cuisine is no longer a far-fetched dream. Moreover, the love and gratitude for good food have also inspired much food tourism. Many people take interest in travelling to newer and not-so-popular places to taste their cuisine and bring with them an experience of a lifetime. 

However, with access to global food, we also are exposed to the food choices that sometimes make for weird food combinations. In this post, we will try to pick out some of the bizarre food fusions that sound weird but taste good.

Sriracha and Peanut Butter:

Although this combination sounds anything but delicious, but over the years peanut sandwich with sriracha has gained quite the popularity. This combination is enough to make your taste buds get dancing with flavours. This bizarre fusion is probably the invention of a bachelor who ran of pantry and these were the only things left out. 

However, whoever must have first thought of this combination has no doubt given the world a unique dish to try out. The smoothness and sweetness of peanut balances the spiceness of Sriracha and makes for a pleasant flavour. You can also add few basils, pickles, or lime juice to the combination to add the acidic and salty taste that will spark up the flavour.

Adding chilli powder and lime juice to Mango:

When we speak of global food, the inspiration can come from anywhere in the world. One such bizarre combination is from the streets of Mexcio, where sweet ripe mangi is served with lime juice and chilli powder. Although, this combination sounds unimpressive but it is bound to make your taste buds explode with the tangy spicy sweetness of the combination. 

You can take the taste to a different level by adding a dash of salt to bring about a twist of taste. This weird combination no doubt makes for a unique snack that is easy to make yet tastes heavenly.

Chocolate and Avocado:

Are you trying to digest the fact that how these two differing taste profiles come together? Well, as much crazy as it sounds, avocado and chocolate comes together to make the most unique combinations. The creamy texture of avocado can very well be a substitute to dairy products that can be used to make rich and creamy chocolate recipes. 

However, you need to worry about avocado influencing the taste of your chocolate recipe as in most cases, the flavour of avocado remains unnoticible and more so when you use less ripe avocado. This weird combination has given rise to popular dishes like Avocado brownies, Avocado chocolate mousse, and chocolate avocado smoothie.

Beets and Chocolate:

The next in line in the weird food combinations segment is yet again our very own chocolate with beets. You heard it right; it is beets indeed. It might sound unbelievable that how something like beet with such strong flavour would come together with chocolate. But once you try them out together, you can taste for yourself that how beautifully the moisture and sweetness of beets blends with chocolate. 

Moreover, beets are a nutritious ingredient that brings along many health benefits. Desserts made of these combinations are no doubt delicious, moist, rich, and are irresistible in taste. 

Bacon and Peanut Butter:

The last one in this post and possible the weirdest combination, bacon, and peanut butter. By now I have started to believe that peanut butter can twin with pretty much anything. And when you pair this with the universally acclaimed bacons, you must believe this is a combination worth trying. 

Pair your breads with peanut butter and bacon and may be some some sriracha and pickles for the absolute delicious dish that can toss your palette for a flavourful invasion.

How to try your own food fusions?

This might have inspired you to try your personal food fusions that can be undoubtedly flavourful. But before you invade your kitchen for unique ingredients and stir a storm, why not try your culinary skills in the virtual kitchens. Download any popular Hotel Game and get access to your virtual kitchen that can be inspirational for several dishes. 

Star Chef 2 is a popular Hotel Game available in android and IOS platforms for free download. This game offers you the exposure to a restaurant kitchen and ingredients from across the world to help you create a food fusion that would be liked and appreciated by your guests. Start your food fusion journey from these online games for the educative and inspirational beginning.

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