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6 Creative Ways to Sell Your Products that Don’t Involve the Internet

You’ve heard of multi-channel distribution, but it’s usually associated with physical products. Brands of every size are always looking for new ways to get their products in front of more people, and what you may not realize is that there are still quite a few untapped channels of distribution out there for you to explore. This further will take you through 6 creative ways you can sell your products without the internet. It is very much a concern when products like cigarettes that come in the best pre roll box is sold on the internet.

Find a way to sell your products in retail stores, drugstores, convenience stores and markets. You can find customers there. They might come into contact with other companies that sell the same products as you do because they’re online too. Some people think that to buy your product, they need to go to other stores. But you can still get an edge if you make something special or have a package that stands out from the rest. To do this, make sure that when people find out about your brand, they actually have it in their hands when they make a decision about whether or not to buy it.

1. Selling your products at trade shows

Attending trade shows is a great way to connect with potential customers. Trade shows are events where you get to meet people face-to-face. Trade shows are also a great way to find distributors or potential investors for your business. You will want to attend different trade shows in order to meet the right people. Trade shows are good for getting your product in front of people. You need to stand out from the other people at the trade show. That way, when they find out about your business, they can buy it if they want to or not buy it if they don’t want to.

You need to work with a company that will give you the things you need for your events. They will give you display booths to put things on. You can put shelves up, which are great for holding key chains, cans and bags full of candy. People will remember these items because they were in their hands when they bought them. Make sure the items are colorful and/or shaped like something.

2. Selling your products through your own retail store

Selling products in a store is a good idea. Stores let people see your product and tell them about it. You can have a unique brand experience that lets customers get to know you better. You can also sell products to people who don’t have your stuff already.

Working with big brands is difficult. But you can do it if you try to sell your product to a company that already sells a lot of products or has a lot of money. They will want to promote their product and so they will buy from you.

3. Selling your products in pop-up stores

There are many pop-up stores that offer the platform to sell and make a good earning. You can sell your products in traditional brick-and-mortar stores or through mobile pop-up shops. If you don’t have the money to set up a proper website, there are many places where you can sell your stuff online. The downside is that they will take a cut of what you sell but at least people will be able to find your product easily online.

4. Selling to other businesses

As an entrepreneur, you might think it is best to sell your products to consumers. But selling B2B (Business-to-Business) is a great way to make money. It can help your business grow faster because of the bigger scale of the company. It is also a good way to reach new markets and acquire new customers.

What is commercial plane travel? It’s when people get on a plane and try to land in their own country but get stuck in customs because they are flying internationally. Commercial flights are longer than those from one country to another. Taxis, check-in fees, and delays happen at the airport. Baggage fees may cost money to buy more plane tickets.

If you are flying on a long-distance, it can be hard. The luggage might get damaged or scattered in the aircraft. It is harder than flying short distances, and there is more chance of luggage getting damaged. There are other people who want to fly too so it might not happen right away. Fuel costs for commercial flights are more expensive per mile than domestic flights.

5. Selling through the post mail

It is convenient when the mailboxes receive and send them later. If you are not near the post office, it is not very convenient.

People are sending their items because they want to sell them fast. The cost of sending items by mail does not include the price of the product. It is important that you send your package quickly so that people buy it right away. The box remains in transit and after delivery, it is easy for both parties. The mail prefers to deliver quickly with a chance to not destroy the product.

6. Sell directly to consumers

Selling to consumers means you will have to take care of every customer who comes. This way, you won’t need anyone else. Directly makes the consumer also receive quick orders and the impression is good on it. it also enhances the relationship between the consumer and seller. Directly applying the sale points has a better chance to make printed display boxes more popular.

If you want to make your product popular, then try to make it different from other products. For example, if it is a car, then maybe change the color or materials so that people will want it more. Customers like it when companies keep upgrading their products because everyone likes new things.


Finding a good packaging company and making direct orders with them can be the best way to make your product popular. There are some steps that can help you sell more and increase your profit and popularity and they are:

Package your product well, especially food items. Don’t let people throw away unopened packages because they look bad or damaged. Update products so that people will want it more often. Try to make the packaging different from other products by changing colors or materials. Do not always go through a middleman. Speak with consumers directly, too. Try to make your own sales points instead of letting someone else do it for you. If possible, have customer service tools in place for your product.



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