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9 Reasons Why Custom Stamps are Still Relevant Today

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Stamps have been around ever since there have been envelopes and letters to go in them. However, with the advent of email and text messaging, it’s easy to wonder if these little stickers are really necessary anymore or if they’re just an anachronism from the past.

As it turns out, stamps aren’t going anywhere anytime soon! Here are nine reasons why custom stamps are still relevant today and will be for years to come.

Save Money with Custom Business Stamps

It’s no secret that custom stamps offer major savings over pre-printed letterhead, envelopes, and business cards. If you print your correspondence and greeting cards, you’ll pay between $0.10 and $0.20 per envelope or card far less than what it costs to order these items from a printer or online service provider.

And why stop there? Embossed address labels, stamp pads, and rubber stamps can also be customized with your logo at an incredibly low cost!

Save Time and Resources With Personalized Rubber Stamps

The first of these reasons is that custom stamps can save you time and resources. Instead of manually stamping each envelope for your big mailing, a rubber stamp with your company information printed on it will allow you to quickly stamp multiple envelopes in one fell swoop.

Moreover, personalizing those stamps means that anyone else in your office or even family members who work on marketing efforts will be able to use them when they need to mail out items.

Make Branding Easier with Stamp Designs

Instead of trying to create brand recognition through different ad campaigns, you can personalize your branding by using custom stamps. Not only will you be able to easily add a company’s logo and contact information to any marketing material, but your name or business will be imprinted on every package delivered to your customers.

If people use a stamp enough times it becomes engrained in their minds. By imprinting a company’s logo or business information, businesses can build brand recognition even if they aren’t always there. This is especially useful for businesses that want to run on lean budgets.

Design Services With Online Tools

Modern design services, such as websites and logos, can be created with just a few clicks. This is especially true if you’re using a web app like Canva to create a professional-looking custom stamp. Not only do these platforms allow you to select from millions of templates, but they also let you edit text, photos, and colors to create something truly unique.

In addition, online tools make it easy for you to share your new creation on social media or send it directly to friends and family. The best part? You don’t need any special software or prior design experience all you need is an idea!

Great for Any Size Business

One of the biggest misconceptions about custom stamps is that they’re for giant corporations only. The fact is, a great way to use them is for small businesses. If you have more than three employees, then it’s likely you’ve considered making custom stamps your next marketing tool.

But what if your business has two employees? Should you skip buying stamps altogether just because they aren’t as scalable as some other methods of online or offline marketing?

Not! You can still make custom company stamps an asset to your marketing strategy even if you have only one employee to do all of your tasks, from sales and bookkeeping to packaging and shipping.

Order Fast From Online Vendors

You can also order stamps from some of your favorite online vendors, including Vistaprint, Zazzle, and Teachit Co. It’s simple to upload images or create designs for their printable stamps and have them delivered straight to your door. This is a great way to get customized stamps without spending a lot of money.

Wide Selection of Materials, Finishes, Designs, and Sizes

There is a huge number of materials, finishes, designs, and sizes that you can choose from when customizing your stamp. It is completely up to you as to what type of imprint you would like on your stamp.

Custom stamps allow for a wide range of personalization making it extremely easy for everyone to find just what they need. No one will have any problems finding exactly what they’re looking for because all stamps come in different sizes and shapes.

Upload Your Artwork

If you’re ready to print custom stamps, you can upload your artwork to get a quote from us. The easy-to-use design tool lets you create custom designs in minutes!

If you don’t want to design it yourself, just let us know what kind of stamp you need and we can do that for you. There is no design fee when we print your artwork you pay only for your order. We also use a state-of-the-art printing process that includes UV protection so your custom stamps will last longer than most other production methods!

Give Them as Gifts Too!

While most people think of custom stamps as tools for business, they’re also great personalization tools. Whether you need a thank-you stamp for your birthday card or a return address stamp so your family and friends can send you packages, custom stamps can help you get everything on their way.

As gifts themselves, they’re easy and inexpensive to buy in bulk meaning everyone will have a present that says “I was thinking of you today!” to add to their collection. With these benefits and more, it’s no wonder why so many prefer to invest in custom stamps for every occasion.


People in business have several options when it comes to giving out their contact information. Printing business cards, creating personalized websites, and using social media channels can all be helpful ways of putting your contact info in front of potential clients and customers. However, if you want to stay old school, and believe that a stamp is still one of the best ways for people to get your contact information without having to scroll through pages online, then custom stamps may be for you. If you’re interested in incorporating custom stamps into your advertising plan, just remember these nine tips!

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