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A Guide to Launching a Product

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Understanding Product Launches

A product launch is a conscientious effort to introduce a new product into the market with the purpose of selling it to consumers.  All employees of the specific company are required to keep notice of the latest product which is to debut. 

The product launch can be an existing product or a completely new innovation and includes many stages throughout its process such as understanding customer needs, designing the product, testing the product, marketing advertising it as well as ensuring that the product gets enough exposure to reach out to a large demographic of people. 

Types of Product Launch

  1. Soft Product Launch

A soft product launch is when a particular project is introduced to a limited section of society or demographic as well as geographical location. 

  1. Hard Product Launch

This is when a product is introduced with full efforts from the very first day to spread more awareness and anticipation for customers which helps persuade them into purchasing the given product.

 Product Launch Process

A Product launch consulting will help with the different stages of product launching in order for it to be successfully executed, known as a Product Launch Plan. Some of the steps are as follows

  • Preparation-  The first step includes an depth analysis of the target audience as well as competitors, having an understanding of the generational demographic a company is looking for as well as determining the pros and cons of the product and its benefits. 

So, conducting market research to discover the target audience’s interests, likes and dislikes as well as needs is essential to determine the kind of product that needs to be developed, such as design, durability, efficiency, quality, aesthetics, etc.

  • Pre-Launch- The next step is experimentation. Conducting tests and surveys of the given product on a small number of customers to assess its potential to be a successful one, asking them for feedback on it, initiating marketing campaigns, etc can give an idea to a company on how to improve or change the way their product functions. 

Also, being able to bring celebrities into the equation and making them promote the product or creating a waitlist to estimate how much demand it generates are other good ways of ensuring a product’s success.

  • Launch- The most crucial step is the actual launch of the product. Using social platforms to connect with target audiences like SMS and email or Instagram and Facebook to initiate campaigns and advertising ensures that the product is marketed well. Again, making use of social media influencers with large followings and celebrities who can help promote the brand with their larger platforms is a good idea.
  • Post- Launch- Once all the above steps are covered the final step involves product consistency, which means making sure that the product that has been marketed gains as much momentum and does not fade out. This is done through constant product analysis and keeping an eye on how the target audience perceives it, and finding methods of improving upon the design over time.

Creating newer products also falls under this as it keeps the audience hooked on what’s next, which in turn adds to the market value of the brand.


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