All Business Is Local

What Is Local Business?

 Local business is a local company. It can be a brick-and-mortar store, or it can be an online company. For example, Amazon is technically a local business because they are based in Seattle, WA. The difference is that when you walk into the store in your neighborhood, you are going to have face-to-face contact with the employees of that business. This makes it much easier to build relationships with them because they know where you live and what other stores you frequent in the area. You’re buying from someone who lives near you, and if for whatever reason your transaction was not satisfactory (cough cough), then there would be little difficulty contacting them about it to get things resolved as quickly as possible. My personal assistant and I are both living in the same city, so we can easily get in touch with each other about any issues that may arise.

 The Importance of Local Business

 As a customer, it’s easy to feel entitled to things. You’re paying for service and you want what you paid for. It’s also easy to forget that there is an actual human being on the other side of the purchase transaction. When you buy from a local business though, there is an increased chance of having a positive experience because they know who you are and will be more likely to provide exceptional service than if they were just some random business owner that could care less whether or not you’re happy with their product or services. The second reason local businesses are important is because big businesses tend to take over when everything else fails (I’m talking about monopolies). This isn’t good for anyone – especially the consumer! The more small businesses we have around us, the better chance we have of preventing these large companies from taking over our country completely and making it all about money instead of people.

 Ways to Support Local Businesses

 As a customer, there are things that you can do to support local businesses. A few of these things include…


  1. Shop at local businesses instead of big box stores and chain restaurants. Grocery shopping at Walmart or Target isn’t going to help your local business! The only way they will survive is by our patronage (customers). So make sure you’re supporting the people who live in your community by buying their products and services! Most cities have farmer’s markets on a regular basis, so be sure to check those out too! You can find them online for most major areas on this site.


  1. Shop with local online businesses. This one isn’t too difficult. There are tons of small online businesses that you can support! I work for a company that sells handmade items, so I am biased in this regard, but using an online business doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality either! You can still get great products from your favorite local business without having to leave the house or talk on the phone with someone who drives 100 miles to deliver your order. The website Etsy is a great place for this!


  1. Sign up for subscriptions from your neighbors! For example, we sell meals through our website and offer subscriptions as well (because it’s convenient for people). If you want to be able to get meals delivered directly from us on a regular basis rather than ordering each week (which requires you order some weeks and skip others), then subscribe with us instead of doing weekly orders like everyone else does! Have fun trying new things and introducing new flavors into your life every week while supporting other family members in the same town as yourself at the same time because they’re delivering it right there in town too! When my parents were getting older, we signed up with Blue Apron because they could have fresh ingredients delivered each week rather than having to go shopping all the time when they couldn’t drive anymore.

 Local business is important because it encourages healthy competition. Without this, we’ll end up with companies running the world instead of people!

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