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app like Uber: How much does it cost to build an app like Uber

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How to develop an app like Uber? What is the cost of developing an app similar to Uber? These are typical inquiries from business owners that contact us. There is a simple explanation for this. Large, cosmopolitan cities frequently have heavy traffic and a shortage of parking spaces. As a result, many of the city’s residents forgo owning a car. In addition to use ride-hailing services like Uber. You can also visit Technographx to stay updated with the latest trend of technology.

Since its launch in 2009; Uber has transformed the taxi industry worldwide. Is widely regarded as the archetypal disruptive startup. In this write-up, we’ll look at the costs of creating an Uber-style app in this article; to understand better how much your project will cost for each feature.

How Does Uber Work?

To design an app like Uber; you need to understand how the service operates from a customer’s standpoint. So The overall app performance may be demonstrated in five easy steps:


Request. The user asks for a car immediately or on a schedule using the app. adjacent drivers receive these inquiries.


is matching. The driver may accept or decline the transportation request. If they refuse, the request is forwarded to a different driver.


Ride. The consumer follows the taxi’s approach and is aware of the projected arrival time.


Payment. The cashless method of payment and projected pricing make this transaction more efficient for both sides.


Rating. This is a vital consideration, But establishing an app similar to Uber. It is a crucial element of Uber’s business logic that improves service reliability.

How Many Applications Do You Need? 

If you’re attempting to create an app like Uber you’ll need two apps. The original platform comprises the Driver App, designed for company-affiliated drivers, and the Passenger App, which is intended for ordinary consumers who book rides.

Let’s first analyze the essential and complex functions that can be added to the passenger app.

Fundamental features for constructing an app similar to Uber: 

  • Geographical positioning and routing 
  • Payment integration 
  • Registration and management of personal information 
  • Calling or texting the driver directly from the app 
  • Push alerts • Ride cost estimation 
  • Superb UI and UX design 
  • Scheduling a ride in advance 
  • Reserving a trip for someone else 
  • Splitting the fare with companions 

Now, let’s examine the fundamental and sophisticated features you can implement in the driver app.

Features fundamental to creating an Uber app for drivers: 

  • Driver reports 
  • Advanced route optimization 
  • Personal profile editing 
  • Active/Inactive’ option (active drivers are visible on the map, inactive drivers are not) 
  • Calling a passenger directly from the app 
  • Daily/monthly reports of prior bookings and earnings 

Advanced capabilities: 

  • Driver destinations 
  • Free cancellation during a predetermined period 
  • Heat maps 

The admin panel is the final, but not least, factor to consider. Admin panels are frequently web-based and necessitate certain efforts from your web development service provider. It should provide a quick overview of corporate processes, payroll management, and user data collection features.

Features of the App 

It is time to discuss how to create an app similar to Uber Driver for partners. It is also a crucial element in building a business the Uber way. This section will only discuss elements that are both useful for drivers and advantageous for businesses.

1. Driver Report:

The driver report feature protects both the driver and the passenger. Above all This report concisely summarizes the driver’s driving style (e.g., week or month) over a specified period. Uber reserves the right to terminate a driver who repeatedly engages in reckless driving.

2. Advanced Route Construction:

You must make substantial expenditures on the route creation functionality if you intend to establish a significant ridesharing business. The more efficiently your routes are optimized, the more productive your drivers will be. Consequently, consumer satisfaction levels tend to increase.

3. Destination Influence:

The driver destination feature improves the entire experience for company-affiliated drivers; Drivers can select a preferred location and find passengers needing transportation in that direction. This allows drivers to balance work and personal obligations properly.

4. Two-Minute Cancellation at No Cost:

This function is intended to prevent the loss of time and money that occurs, when a passenger cancels or delays a reservation. How does it work?The first two minutes of the ride are complimentary for passengers. If passengers terminate the passage beyond the allotted period, they must pay an amount equal to the base fare.

5. Temperature Maps:

Another component that substantially simplifies. But driver’s task is the heat map. With its assistance, drivers may identify the areas of the city with the biggest demand for the service. Go there to receive more requests, and make more revenue for themselves and your business. 

It is difficult to predict the development time for this feature without knowing more about the project, as it is reliant on various aspects.

How much does it cost to develop an app similar to Uber for Android and iOS?

app like Uber

Mobile app development services are never offered at a fixed rate; But as different apps have varying requirements, and their costs vary correspondingly.

Considering all the necessary features and characteristics. Including those listed above, that makes your on-demand taxi booking software stand out in the industry. The total cost to design an app like Uber ranges from $55,000 to $120,000 for Android and iOS platforms.

The app’s cost estimate can vary depending on the developer’s skills, expertise, and company. The app gets improved with more functionality to match Uber’s standards.


Building an on-demand taxi app like Uber is a lengthy process; But that demands substantial effort, time, and money. Developing this sophisticated level application for startups and SMEs can be costly. Consequently, this blog describes each segment and. Similarly feature of this program, as well as its cost and development time.

Therefore, the business owner can select and modify the application’s development company. In addition to add additional features to the app. Thats why they promote the existing business with carefully crafted marketing campaigns.

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