Distinguish and understand the two most common types of football odds

Football betting odds are a concept that every player needs to understand, but if you don’t understand them well, you can sometimes get confused. Currently, there are many different bookmakers; for Asian travelers in particular, some bookmakers will use the Hong Kong rate, and some will use the Malaysian rate. Basically, there is not much difference, but we still need to point out the difference between them. In this article, betting experience 22Bet will help you clearly distinguish between these two types of odds.

Hong Kong rate

Hong Kong-style football betting odds are relatively popular now that the majority of players in the betting world often use them in their transactions. The calculation of the Hong Kong rate is based on specific positive numbers. Briefly, according to this calculation, the Hong Kong rate listed by the bookie on the rafters table will only indicate the percentage of the bonus that you receive when you win the bet.

For example, in the match between MU and Man City, Man City accepts 0.5 with the given rate of 1.13, and MU has a rate of 0.8. With this ratio, we will calculate as follows: if Manchester City wins by at least one goal, the winning player will receive 1.13 times the bet amount. That is, if you bet $100, the winning amount is $113. If the score is a draw or MU wins, then the winning player will only get $80 if he bets $100. If you lose money, no matter which team you choose, you will lose $100.

The advantage of Hong Kong-style football betting odds is that they are easy to calculate and understand because all numbers are positive, but the disadvantage is that players always lose 100% of their bets if they lose their bets.

Malaysian rate

Besides the popular Hong Kong rate, the Malay ratio also attracts a lot of players. This is a kind of ratio that players liken with the name of “eating a lot, losing a little”. And the fact that the bonus calculation for this type of ratio also reflects that, Unlike the Hong Kong rate, the Malaysian rate will have a way to calculate rewards and penalties according to negative and positive coefficients. Specifically, the calculation is as follows:

With positive odds, the calculation is similar to Hong Kong odds, but never Malay odds with coefficients greater than 1.0. That is, at most you can only eat enough bets only, do not eat more than the amount of bets like the Hong Kong rate.

With a negative coefficient, e.g., -0.7, for example, when you bet, you will only have to spend 0.7 times the bet amount. For example, if you bet $100, you only lose $70 if you lose, and when you win, you will get $100.

Let’s assume the match is between MU and Man City, in which Man City accepts 0.5 with the given rate of -0.8, and MU has a rate of 0.95. With this ratio, if you choose Manchester City and Manchester City lose, you will lose 0.8 times your bet, which is $80 if you bet $100. In contrast, if Man City wins, you will get $100. In case the score is a draw or MU wins, the player who chooses MU will get $80 if betting $100. Conversely, when MU loses, that person will lose $100.

The advantage of Malay-style football betting odds is that if you win, you will be rewarded by the house; if you lose, you will lose less. However, viewed objectively, negative numbers often fall into risky situations, and your chances of winning when choosing it are not high. Meanwhile, with positive rates, there is a rather poor reward conversion rate.

With this article, we hope players will better understand the two ways to calculate the above odds, thereby making their own choice.

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