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Five New Ideas You Can Use To Keep Your Carpet Clean

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Carpets add an aesthetic to your house. Clean carpets are better looking and also leave a good impression on your guests. Moreover, clean carpets are more hygienic for your kids or pets. Also, their maintenance is quite a task. Further, carpet cleaning prices can be high in some cases.You can also check our others blogs titled tough carpet stains which needs special.

Tips for Effective Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning services can be boring sometimes. And professional carpet cleaning is not always an option, especially when you see few stains. So, you just need to try new ideas to make the cleaning process a little engaging. Changing your routine of carpet cleaning can make the process less boring. Try some new ways other than the basic methods of stain removal and carpet cleaning. The five best ideas for carpet cleaning are given below.

  • It’s A Good Idea To Try Steam Cleaning

If you always vacuum your carpet then try using carpet steam cleaning services. These services thoroughly clean the carpet eliminating all the dirt without risking the quality of the carpet.

This technique also removes the smallest particle of dirt that stays behind by vacuum cleaning. Also, it is a very effective method for deep cleaning. If you don’t want to call the professionals then you can buy a steamer to clean your carpets at ease in your home. Carpet cleaning by steaming should be done every 6 months, for the long life and better condition of the carpet.

  • Heating Is A Good Option

If by any chance you drop candle wax on your carpet then this option can be very helpful. As in times of emergency professional carpet cleaning is not always an option Firstly, use a towel and place it on the spillage, then use an iron and place it on the cloth and turn on the heat. This will loosen the wax and it will transfer onto the cloth from the carpet. Just use the iron safely.

  • Change Your Vacuuming Schedule

If you happen to have a proper vacuuming schedule then you should change it according to the situation. Suppose your schedule vacuuming every Thursday, and there is some kind of spillage on your carpet say on Monday, then don’t wait for your schedule, clean it right away.

  •  Available Options Other Than Baking Soda

It is very common to use baking soda for carpet cleaning and carpet stains. But it is something you have already used. And it is also possible that it does not work for you this time. To change your daily routine you could use different products as well.

Try using shaving cream and vinegar. Apply shaving cream to the stain and let it sit there for around 30 minutes, afterwards blot it with a clean cloth.

Then at last spray a mixture of water and vinegar and dampen the area. Then after another 5-6 minutes, blot the mixture again. This could be a better option than other carpet cleaning services as this doesn’t wet your carpet.

  • Try Using Ice

There might be situations when gum sticks to the carpet, it is very tricky to remove gum from the carpet as it becomes very sticky. To remove gum try using ice. Rub some ice on the area, and leave for 5-10 minutes. This will freeze the gum and make it less sticky which is easy to remove. Gum is much less sticky and gets hard when ice is used on them.

  • Use Baking Soda With A Twist

You could also give a twist to your routine of using baking soda for stain removal. For that mix any of your favourite essential oil in the baking soda mixture. And use it the same way. This will help to remove the stain and also will leave your carpet with a good smell.


Carpet cleaning is not always exciting. You should try different methods and techniques to make the process less boring. Some basic methods could be using vacuum cleaners, calling the professionals for steam cleaning, carpet shampooing, etc.

There are various DIY methods available other than these for carpet cleaning services and stain removal. Using ice, shaving cream, portable steamers, iron, etc, are some of the new ways that you can use to change your carpet cleaning routine. Also, you can use these methods as an alternative to methods such as carpet shampooing, carpet steam cleaning, and professional carpet cleaning. For example, for some stains baking soda might not work so you can use shaving cream and vinegar instead. And these ingredients are easily available at your home.

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