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Healthcare Marketing Trends in 2022

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You might be wrong if you think we’ve seen the end of the evolution in the healthcare market. The healthcare market will continue to evolve and adapt new tactics to maintain its position against its competition. The positive attitude of patients and consumers to digital health services is a positive factor. This is what will drive marketing efforts for the next year. This article discusses 7 consumer-driven trends that will be important in the healthcare marketing industry in 2022.

7 Upcoming Healthcare Marketing Trends

  1. Portals for Patients and Medical Staff

Patients and medical professionals soon found themselves in a state of excessive dependency on digital media and gadgets, which made it easier to use them during the pandemic. Personalizing healthcare markets by creating portals for patients as well as doctors on the website of the hospital/firm will likely improve this convenience.

Personalized experiences are expected to increase tremendously. To do this, you must remember two things. You should first modify the portals on your mobile apps and websites. Second, ensure that your personal health information is protected and in compliance with the healthcare privacy laws. Allow your patients to select their medical preferences and give them direct access to customized medical information.

  1. Assisting patients at all levels of marketing funnels

It is impossible to satisfy all the consumer’s needs if all your marketing efforts are focused on the bottom. Healthcare organizations must develop strategies that focus on all levels of marketing channels to be client-focused and meet all patient needs.

Patients can approach the organization at any stage. You can reach them through the website or call them. Healthcare organizations must have a plan in place for each stage of the funnel. Due to the urgency, it is important to increase the range of services offered through various techniques, such as SEO, advertising, and updated web designs.

  1. Consumerization is on the Rise

Another trend that is predicted is the dramatic increase in healthcare consumerization. This is evident in recent instances when consumers chose to take a COIVD-19 home test rather than wait in long lines. Patients and healthcare consumers are increasingly seeking medical aid and facilities on their terms.

There are two other trends behind the increase in consumerization. The first is the expectation of better service and increased healthcare spending. Customers now expect transparent and hassle-free services from both the doctors and organizations that provide them with healthcare. A second benefit is that doctors can now provide innovative solutions to patients using new technology. Consumerization is the future of medicine!

  1. Optimized SEO

Healthcare marketers are shifting their focus to SEO due to the expected rise in consumerization in 2021 and 2022. This is due to excessive technical and digital dependence over the past two years. This system has been well adopted by consumers. Healthcare organizations will likely develop a more extensive SEO strategy in 2022 to enhance their healthcare marketing approach.

SEO strategies for 2022 should be focused on creating user-friendly landing pages that reduce customer inconvenience and add high-quality content. Focusing on conversational strategies and entity-focused keywords is another important aspect of the 2022 SEO strategy. The strategy must be consumer-focused and should make it easy for patients to navigate your website.

  1. Social proof is the ultimate deal

The days of friends and family recommending doctors are gone. Social proof is a promising trend in healthcare marketing. This replaces word-of-mouth recommendations. This practice has already begun, but it is expected to reach its peak in 2022. Before booking appointments with doctors or seeking any medical treatment, patients are looking for digital reviews and testimonials.

Marketers in healthcare are using social proof to present their cases through live-streaming, video storytelling, and physician check-ins. Marketers are now looking to expand and innovate their e-commerce strategies. The most effective ways to increase visibility are through social media engagement, community participation through health campaigns, and question-answer interviews to address patient queries. Ratings and reviews can also be posted on medical channels.

  1. Data Restrictions Block Patients From Reaching Their Goals

The positive trends in healthcare marketing show continued growth, but marketers may find it difficult to deal with the increased data restrictions. According to several data restrictions rules and acts, it is prohibited to share private health information with any other healthcare organization. These regulations are likely to become more strict and rigid. For marketers, it can be very difficult to comply with these regulations.

Digital targeting is dependent on data from different sources. Although browser cookies are being updated to conform with new guidelines, they are becoming redundant. Apple released iOS 14 recently and has added privacy and data use rules. Cyber security must be considered in light of technology integrations and collaborations. Healthcare marketers must develop a privacy program that includes detailed audits to reveal the true risks.

  1. UX Is Going To Lead To CRO Gains

In 2022, the website design will not be as important as the user experience provided by healthcare marketers. Healthcare organizations will need to focus on updating their websites and creating tools to improve the user experience and meet the digital needs of patients in the coming year. Because patients interact most with the homepage, it is important to start with it.

Healthcare marketers should make patients’ needs their priority. Search Engine Optimization is key to improving the user experience. Keep in mind that you should keep the process as simple as possible. Booking an appointment, for example, should not take more than three steps. The 2022 market is expected to be highly competitive. A good UX can help with CRO.

Some Important Statistics

  • Pew Research found that 66% of internet users search the web for information on a specific medical condition or disease.
  • Yet claims that there are up to 100 billion Google searches each year related to healthcare!
  • Statista predicts that the healthcare industry’s total digital advertising expenditures will exceed $11 billion by 2021.
  • Lead Generation Institute concluded that the average price of a healthcare lead was $162.
  • RevLocal reports that 68% of potential patients decide on a doctor/firm based on reading just 1-6 reviews online.
  • Accenture found that 2.4% of all healthcare appointments can be booked online.

The dynamics of all industries are changing rapidly due to global digitalization. Healthcare is also adapting quickly. Healthcare marketers must understand that the future lies entirely in their hands and not on consumers. But, healthcare marketing is not a one-directional business focused on clients. The traditional model is constantly being redesigned by new firms, and 2022 requires a multi-focused marketing approach.

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