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How can you avoid plagiarism when copying

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Taking other people’s work or ideas is called plagiarism and it is considered a crime in the whole world whether it is related to your academics or professionalism. Producing unique content opens new ways towards success and increases your confidence but sometimes we need to take words from different sources and there could be so many reasons behind it. But it comes under plagiarism or stolen content.  Now the question here arises how to avoid plagiarism when copying. Here we will let you know some ways to tackle this problem and those tips and tricks will definitely help you write plagiarism free content. 


It means rewriting the original text in your own words but remember to not to deviate from the main theme. Paraphrasing doesn’t mean producing a new content but sticking on the main points using your own words. There are various tools available on the internet which work online and offline too. You just need to copy paste your content on this tool and it will paraphrase your text in a matter of seconds. Manual paraphrasing can help you if you are experienced in handling such things but if you are newbie then these tools would be beneficial for you. Grammarchecker.com is another best software that highlights grammatical and spelling mistakes. They save you from the hassle of  working for hours in order to make your text flawless. Paraphrasing requires proper understanding of the written material or content otherwise you will end in messing up the whole work and it can lead to so many complications. 

Produce unique content

If you are really into writing then producing unique content shouldn’t be a problem for you. If you can play with words then you can do anything when it comes to writing. Dig into the topic and research everything related to that specific topic and then start writing. If you have a grip at making all kinds of sentences and your vocabulary is up-to-date then you are good to go. Producing content doesn’t mean using complicated sentences that are beyond understanding or top notch vocabulary but right words and sentences matter a lot. A person who reads books and finds pleasure in reading and doing thorough research, never fails to write something unique. He knows how and where to use moist appropriate words. 

Change words order

Another thing you can do is to change the order of the words to avoid plagiarism in your work. You can take help of synonyms and add adjectives and adverbs to make it look different. Changing order doesn’t mean changing the crux. But do not take a paragraph and start changing words randomly. Give it proper time, study in detail, have a thorough look at the content and then start swapping carefully otherwise it will only take a couple of seconds for the reader or examiner to catch this theft. 


If you want to copy paste anything directly from a source then it would be better to write it in inverted commas. This is called quoting and it saves you from plagiarism. Do not forget to put in text citation and then it lets people know that these are not your own words but you took it from any other source. You cannot change what is written in the quotations but use it as such. 


Giving credit to the author of the text is called citing.  If you are using other’s ideas then it is mandatory to mention otherwise it will be regarded as plagiarized material. One benefit of citing the original source is it lets people know about your credibility and your passion for research. It tells them that you thoroughly studied and researched each and everything and then used it in your paper or whatever you are writing. Here you need to write the full name of the source and its published date. 


It is mandatory to put references at the end of a paper or thesis to let the reader know about all the sources you used in writing the content. Putting references through footnotes and parenthetical remarks saves you from being caught for plagiarized material. Here we use two types of styles one is APA and other is MLA. These both are used oftenly and are acceptable as well. You can use whatever is recommended by your institution or organization. 

So these are some ways to avoid plagiarism while copying content from other sources. Since it is not acceptable or it is totally unethical to steal ideas and words but sometimes due to lack of time and some complicated topics make us do such things. It is okay to take help from books or other internet sources but do not copy paste all the things and make yourself diffident in the eyes of your peers since they are experienced and can easily detect what’s wrong with your paper or thesis. Make yourself habitual of studying books and do research to avoid such horrible situations. Being expelled from college or university due to plagiarism is another embarrassing situation that can do much harm to your future or career. 

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