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How To Clean Carpeted Stairs: Tips

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Do you have beautiful carpeted stairs leading to the upper floor of your home?

Have you ever thought that these carpets are the ones that are spoiled the most? You use them daily and fill them with dirty gritty particles with your footwear. The carpets on the stairs are the ones that get worn off much before the other carpets in the house, and therefore you should know how to clean carpeted stairs to get the most wear out of them.

Following are the tips on how you can clean your gorgeous carpeted stairs.

Vacuuming Carpeted Stairs

First of all, you should be regular in vacuuming this area of your home. Most often, we forget the stairs while cleaning up the entire home. Although your visitors do not use these stairs in a normal day life, you do! You have to be extra careful in maintaining the cleanliness of the carpeted stairs to keep them healthy for the environment of your home. That is why you need to make sure that you use the vacuum machine properly on your stairs for carpet cleaning Perth.

Now, the problem is that a vacuum cleaner cannot do much about the stairs and the treads over it. It is hard to drag a vacuum cleaner up the stairs. It becomes heavy and clumsy too. Moreover, the head of a normal machine is just too large to manoeuvre on the steps. You need to either have a portable vacuum cleaner that is small enough to reach the corners of the carpeted stairs, or you can also use special headers for the normal vacuum cleaner and for carpet dry cleaning. You have to invest in such equipment to ensure the safety of the carpets that you so enthusiastically put on the stairs.

This is about the regular carpet cleaning services of the carpeted stairs. But this is not all. There are times when one needs to clean up difficult stains on the stairs. After all, you can spill many things while taking the serving tray to your bedroom, upstairs. Do not worry at all. You do not need to remove the carpets and send them to the dry-cleaners! There are ways out to get rid of difficult stains.

Difficult Stains on Carpeted Stairs

The first thing that you should do, once you spill anything on the carpeted stairs, is to clean up the mess as soon as possible.

Whether it is a solid spill or a liquid one, grab a paper towel immediately and blot the excess of the material. You save the fibres of the carpets by taking this initial step. Afterward, you can either take the help of the homemade carpet cleaning solutions or the chemicals found in the market. Spray the cleaning solution over the stained area and blot it up along with the stain with a clean piece of cloth or vacuum cleaner. Try to remove the stain while it is still fresh.

Professional Carpet Cleaners

In case you spoil the carpeted stairs severely, you always have the option of hiring professional carpet cleaners from Carpet Cleaning company. They can take care of your plush carpets by using a steam cleaning system or mineral-cleaning system. Such carpet cleaning services can be found on the Internet without much inconvenience if you want to know more About Carpet Steam Cleaning.

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