How to not be addicted to Gambling Sites?

During the last few decades, more people have become addicted to gambling. This is when the person, despite the financial losses, does not stop the game. In most cases, these people can develop serious depressive disorders, eventually leading them to commit suicide. This article helps you understand how not to become a victim of the gambling industry. To be more specific, it discusses seven tips that can help you get out of that situation. Find here ABP Live’s list of best crypto gambling sites. 

Get a Hobby 

It is believed that people get adrenaline hormone when gambling, so when you stop gambling for some time, your brain automatically wants to have the same or even more adrenaline hormone. In order to fill that gap, find a new hobby that would be interesting for you. As a pattern, you can play football with your friends. It is also advised to get back to your previous hobbies. When getting back to the hobbies you had in the past, you will have nostalgia and most possibly would like to continue.

Finding a new hobby or getting back to your past hobbies, there would be a rise in your self-esteem, and you’d start feeling more confident because you will understand that besides gambling, you are talented enough to do and enjoy other activities as well.

Surround Yourself with Positive People/Friends

The old saying states, “Tell me who your friends are, I will tell you who you are.” Well, people surrounding us play an essential role in our lives. Well, this means that if you are going to be surrounded by gamblers, getting out of that zone would be much more difficult as they will constantly talk about it and can worsen your situation. On the other hand, if people next to you constantly support and help you, you’d surely get rid of that situation in a short period.

Keep a journal

Research has shown that if you write down your plans and dreams on paper, then they are more likely to become a reality. With that being said, write down all the negative and positive thoughts about gambling. How does it feel to lose the game? 

This journal will always keep you in shape; you’d notice your progress and feel proud of yourself. You can also have a before and after section to share how you feel when gambling and how giving it up has changed your life. Besides, take a moment to thank yourself, and the people who support you. When you become a grateful person, your thoughts will also change. 


Change your routine. This is another important factor that can help you forget about betting games. For example, you can start your day with a walk or run in the fresh air. This way, you can release the stress and anxiety you might have because of stopping gambling. Also, these are great ways to lose weight and strengthen your muscles and bones.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

It is, of course, supported to go and see a psychologist. During the last few years, many psychologists and scientists have argued that cognitive-behavioral therapy is one of the most effective therapies one can have. It is basically structured psychotherapy through which the patients will learn how to deal with problems in their lives, boost their self-esteem, control their feelings, and what more. So, if you are willing to take this therapy session, do not ever hesitate.

Find a peer with the same problem

It would, indeed, be easier for you to overcome this challenge if someone has gone through it or is still in that process. Finding a peer or group of people would be extremely helpful as they can share their experience with you, what worked best for them and what did not. 

Associate casino with negativity

Although this might be hard during the start of the recovery process, always keeping in mind that the way back will be horrific while the future is brighter would make sense to you not to get back to the previous lifestyle.

While your friends, family members, psychologists, and other specialists would be ready to help you, it is more important to be the first helper yourself. So, keep in mind that you are strong and that every problem has a solution.

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