How To Prevent STDs To Be More Active And Healthy In Worklife

We all know that STDs are commonly caused by sexual contact. Bacterias and other microorganisms transfer from one person to another through blood, semen, and vaginal fluids. Some of the causes of developing a Sexually transmitted infection are:

  • Having sex with multiple partners
  • Dealing with rape and forceable sex
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Injecting drugs with used needles

Once you catch the disease, the symptoms appear after a few days and you may never notice what is the actual problem with you.

The severity of symptoms depends on the bacteria that causes this disease. Women are at higher risk for contracting STDs. And this can disturb their working life if they get diagnosed or a particular disease from these infections. People may start judging them, avoiding them and trying=g to stay away from them. That’s why, being a woman, it is really important to take precautions and measures to keep yourself safe from developing STDs. There are the following ways you can prevent STDs. Let’s take a look.

Avoid sex

One of the most effective ways to prevent STDs is to avoid sex. If you can’t abstain, try to get yourself and your partner involved in oral sex. It is less risky but still, an infection can be caused if you are not using condoms and taking other safety measures.

Seek STD testing

Before you enter a physical relationship with your partner, try to avoid sex before you and your partner get tested for STDs. If you think you and your partner are at higher risk of catching the disease, for example, if you are both taking medications such as steroids which makes your body catch infections very fast, then seek STD testing more frequently. You can consider an at home STD test if you want to do frequent testing.

Talk to your partner

Communication is very important if you want to be safe. Try to talk openly with your partner about having sex, how you both can have safe sex, and even you can talk to him about his history of sexual relationships. You can also talk to him about monogamy. Sharing these things with your partner helps you both have safe sex, and also will help define your further relationship with your partner.

Have monogamous sex

As e have mentioned earlier, one of the common causes of catching STDs is by having sex with multiple partners. One of the best ways to prevent STIs is to have sex with only one partner. Having a long-term monogamous relationship keeps the risk down. And if you don’t want to stay in a monogamous relationship, then consider safe limits with each partner.

Each partner of yours should get tested to start the physical contact with a negative result. You should also try to know the sexual history of each partner so that you may know which one is unsafe for you.

Make a safer sex

One of the easiest ways to avoid STDs is to practice safe sex. Use external safety measures such as using condoms or dental dams whenever you are having sex. Not only during vaginal sex, but you should also use condoms while having oral sex. It will reduce your risk of having an STD.

Be in your limits

You can avoid sexually transmitted infections if you know your limits. We know that it is hard to have a sense of control when you are in the moment, but you can still make it happen by setting the limits before getting into the moment.

Decide with your partner till where you want to take the things with him during intimate moments. But even if you have discussed all these things with your partner, make sure you are prepared with internal and external measures such as the use of condoms and get tested for STDs.

Don’t drink before sex

It is very hard to make safety decisions before having sex if you are not in a conscious state. You can’t make safe choices if you are impaired by drugs and alcohol. You can’t think clearly. Try to avoid drinking and drug use to practice safe sex.

Be confident to say NO

If you don’t like to have sex, be confident with your tone and say NO to your partner. Don’t take yourself for granted and involved in sexual activity for the mercy of your partner.

Sex is not something you have to pay in return to your partner just because he bought you nice clothes, paid for your dinner, and paid for your expenses. It is your choice if you want to have sex with him at a certain time or not. You can say no when you are not comfortable.

Get vaccinated

Getting yourself vaccinated early before getting into physical contact with your partner is another effective way to prevent STDs. There are numerous vaccines available to prevent Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and human papillomavirus (HPV). These vaccines are recommended for all children at an early age of 11 or above. These vaccines reduce the risk of infection.

Taking these precautions helps you stay safe from STDs. make sure you stay consistent with your use of the safety measures for long-term safety.

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