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In A Dirndl for A Picnic: The Best Ideas

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Do you know dirndls are not just outfits for a specific place or time? They can be worn anytime, anywhere. Whether it be a wedding or just a lazy day, dirndl dresses can always be your go-to option. 

This blog explores some ideas to incorporate dirndls in your picnics and make them better. So, let us get right to it:

What are Dirndls:

German dirndls first came to light sometime in the 18th century. Initially, dirndl dresses were worn by the working class who had to carry heavy loads and work in fields. The manufacturing fabric used initially was a rag cloth as that was all they had. 

In 1818, a businessman thought of upscaling Oktoberfest, a locally popular festival used to celebrate King Louis 1. He established food stalls at the festival. These food stalls were soon converted into huge beer halls, and they became the festival’s symbol. 

The popularity of Oktoberfest grew and grew with time, and so did the Bavarian culture. Visitors started to embrace Bavarian music, food, and clothes. 

Now, we see dirndls being worn and loved everywhere in the world. The dirndl industry is growing by leaps and bounds and is predicted to do a lot better in the future. 

Picnic Ideas with a Dirndl:

Here are some ideas to have a fun and exciting picnic in a German dirndl dress:


This one should be a given. While planning a dirndl picnic, wear the most vibrant and beautiful dirndl you own. Try to stick to the natural colors as much as possible. 

In summers, go with a floral dirndl that reminds everyone of the flowers and new life. 

Men wear a German Lederhosen. It is a knee-length gasp associated with the top with the assistance of suspenders. If you are a lady, wear Dirndl, a knee-length dress connected to a girdle. The girdle decreases the abdomen, making you look thin and awe-inspiring.

As you won’t go to the occasion, a little blackout to a great extent in the dress will not be a poorly conceived notion. This will add your touch to the practice, making it extraordinary and refreshing.

Bring Out Some Beer:

Oktoberfest is tied in with getting intoxicated more than you should. In this way, it is vital to get a lot of brews for everybody joining in. Ensure you get more than you, as a rule, do because the custom says as much.

You can purchase any brew that is accessible to you, yet to remain consistent with the way of life, purchase from the accompanying legitimate German ales which are permitted to sell at the celebration:

  • Augustiner
  • Programmer Poschorr
  • Lowenbrau
  • Paulaner
  • Spaten
  • Hofbrauhaus

What to Serve?

Food turns out to be critical when you drink however much one does at the Oktoberfest. The Bavarian food served at the fest is predominantly protein as it assists with engrossing the liquor. In this way, a few dishes that you can serve at your in-house Oktoberfest are as per the following:

  • Broil chicken
  • Cook pork
  • Broiled pork shank
  • Barbecued fish on a stick
  • Hotdogs
  • Pretzels
  • Potato or flour dumplings
  • Cheddar noodles
  • Potato flapjacks
  • Saurekraut (cured cabbage)
  • Obatzda (flavored cheddar margarine spread)

These food sources are extremely simple to source, prepare, and cook. The plans are promptly accessible on the web and advantageous to follow.

Create an Ambiance:

While organizing anything, it is vital to make energy. Be certain what you need your at-home Oktoberfest to resemble. When you have an arrangement and a thought, follow it to the extent that you may.

You might do a few fundamental things to get a blue and white checkered decorative spread, as it is what they have at the occasion. Get lager steins or mugs, essentially anything with a handle to hold the brew in those ungainly hands. Make an oompah playlist with every one of the tunes and music played at the Oktoberfest.

Have the Most Fun:

The aim of this picnic should be to have as much fun as possible. Do not overdo or overstress anything. Let things go with the flow. Sit back, relax, and get drunk.


So, this was a guide to how to celebrate a dirndl picnic. If you do not have a dirndl at hand, visit the dirndl online shop and get yours now. 

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