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Is it possible to make money on a gambling affiliate in India?

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Those who are looking for a profitable arbitrage vertical should pay attention to gambling affiliates. Gambling platforms are constantly evolving and attracting the interest of thousands of players around the world. By promoting gambling platforms, an arbitrator can earn a significant amount. The main thing is to choose a reliable advertiser, treat your work responsibly, not make mistakes, find the right resources to get traffic and prepare effective creatives. Gambling is a really attractive niche for site owners, webmasters, and arbitrageurs, but is it possible to make money on such affiliate programs?

Where and what kind of traffic to attract?

Before you choose a platform, create creatives, and start a promotion, you need to determine the target audience. Only in this case, it will be possible to get high conversion. For the most part, the clients of gambling sites are men, although there is also a female audience in the casino, it does not exceed 30% of the total number of users.

It is necessary to attract only paying customers to the gaming site. People who play for the last money do not stay on the site for a long time and do not bring profit to both the institution and the affiliate. If the attracted players quickly leave the casino, the affiliate will have a low KPI, the advertiser may reduce the commission or cancel some leads. Potential customers aged 25-45 are solvent. Younger people do not have enough money to gamble, and the older generation is rarely interested in gambling.

Getting traffic for a gambling affiliate is not always as easy as it seems. The click-through rate of such ads is quite good, but not all ad networks accept gambling arbitrage creatives. Nevertheless, there are a lot of tools:

  • an affiliate needs to know how to get popunder traffic and traffic from clickers that convert well;
  • you can attract traffic through teaser networks, mobile advertising networks;
  • nets that work with users of gambling sites convert well.

The potential target audience can be found on thematic forums, and in groups of social networks. To attract, you can place links on your blog or your website, if it fits the topic.

Effective creatives for gambling arbitrage

When creating a creative for gambling, an arbitrator should take into account which platform he will be promoting:

  • For fans of betting, it is necessary to select materials that will be aimed at maintaining a love for sports. It can be clicked under and popped under with motivating slogans. They work especially effectively on the eve of major international championships and tournaments.
  • The target audience of casinos are people who play in the evenings and on weekends to get distracted and relax after a day’s work. Therefore, it is better to run ads at this time. This audience needs to be attracted, and motivated to register and play, and banners, re-landing pages, landing pages, and teasers that inform about big wins, bonuses, promotions, and opportunities to beat the slot machine will help in this.
  • When creating creatives for poker, it is necessary to put pressure on exclusivity, offer interesting meetings with professionals, and freerolls with a large prize pool.

The main thing is to place high-quality advertising content that does not misinform potential customers but motivates them to register and play on the gambling site. This will provide more effective arbitration, the institution will be able to expand its client audience, and the affiliate will receive large commissions.

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