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Is Whatsapp Replacing Skype and How To Monitor WhatsApp

There was a time when to make an undisrupted video call  Skype was the only choice. People had to go to the desktop or laptop to make such calls. It was ok for business calls but for long gossip chatting with family and friends, it was kind of a big deal. I mean you have to go out of the way to switch on a gadget just to chat about how noisy your neighbors are or how bad your job is going. With time they offered the mobile version as well and that was the start of a new and easy era of digital communication.

Many other instant messenger chat apps are now in the market that has practically replaced many big names. For example, want to make a quick call to a friend there is on Whatsapp, want to share a photo but are concerned about its privacy well you have this feature that can practically make the content disappear from the receiver end after it is received and watched once. These are some of the benefits of the WhatsApp spy app. So the question that Skype has been replaced with other instant messenger chat app is big.

WhatsApp :

Whatsapp currently is enjoying 2 billion active users and no doubt it is one of the popular instant messenger chat apps in the world. The app offers tons of interesting features and can be used personally and even for work. They offer a separate version as a business account and that shows how much serious they are about the use of this platform as a business marketing tool. The app allows audio and video phone calls, text messages, media sharing, and more. You can know about the contacts details as well as Whatapp use the phone number for account formation. The newly introduced feature of this platform includes its direct interaction with Facebook one of the biggest media platforms and self-destructive image quality. Yes, you can share an important document image or an event and set it as a one-time photo, thus as soon it will be seen, it will disappear without being saved on the receiver gadget.


It was being announced by the Microsoft company that skype for business will be dead by after July 2021. Thus businesses and companies that still want to use the app will be forced to follow internal and external terms and conditions to continue using the Skype app. Skype is more professional in a sense as it offers more tools like collaboration tools, screen sharing, other business-related tools and features, and more. Most importantly if you want to use your computer to make free high-quality calls then Skype is your go-to option without second thoughts.

The debate about Skype vs Whastapp is long and tiring and honestly, as regular users all, we need to do is simply switch from one app to another. So what if we want to use both apps. For example, Whastapp for personal use and Skype for work-related purposes then what are our options. Well, you can easily use both apps as we have a spy app that offers monitoring features for both of the platforms. The OgyMogy spy app offers an android version as well as Mac and Windows spy app versions. You can use the relevant one to keep an eye on the Whastapp activities of the target or the Skype account.

How To Monitor WhatsApp:

Whatsapp spy app can be used

  • To keep an eye on the teenager WhatsApp activities
  • You can reach the sent and received text messages and keep an eye on the logbook as well.
  • Monitor the media shared through the target device.

Skype Spy App:

Skype spy app can be used

  • To check the work-related correspondence of the employees
  • Monitor the newly added business contacts or the deleted ones as well with the help of the Skype spy app.
  • You can remotely monitor any important business meeting and interview or so on with the help of this app.

The only thing that must be kept in mind is that spy apps can only be used legally as parental control and employee monitoring. Other than that you must have written consent from the involved parties.

Secretly monitor whatsapp activities with spy software

Theonespy is the best whatsapp monitoring and tracking software that helps you find online activities. This app monitor targeted devices and tracks their online results. With this secret spy software, the user quickly spies on digital devices and knows their mobile install app’s activities. It makes sure you to the WhatsApp performed activities of any targeted device. The user quickly finds the device’s latest activities and protect their loved one from dangerous zone. This app helps you secure yourself from online threats. It enables you to find incoming, outgoing messages, calls, media sharing files, and many more.

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