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Multi-region website accessibility optimization and monitoring

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Multi-region website accessibility optimization and monitoring

In the modern world, doing business is primarily based on reaching as wide an audience as possible. Because the larger the audience, the more chances to attract potential customers. And this means more opportunities for profit. At the same time, modern technologies and the Internet allow businessmen to attract the attention of a huge number of users from all over the world to their business website.

However, if a business website reaches an audience from different regions, then certain problems may arise. These problems are technical in nature. For example, in some regions, the website may be unavailable for one reason or another. This will cause an outflow of users and potential customers from a certain region. And this means financial losses. Therefore, it is necessary to respond promptly to such situations and eliminate problems.

Optimisation tips for multi-region websites

The first thing to do if your website has gone international or has started working with several regions is to optimize its performance. In other words, you need to make sure that the website works in all regions in the same way. Of course, from this “in the same way” it is worth immediately excluding special situations. For example, if in a particular region there are restrictions on access speed, etc. However, in general, this is the first thing to do. So, it is worth resorting to the help of CDN.


CDN or Content Delivery Network is a way to increase loading speed of the website for users in different faraway regions. For example, if your website is in Canada, you will need to speed up access speed to users in Sweden. Simply speaking, using CDN literally shortens the route between website and end-users with the help of access point networks.

Another way to improve website accessibility for users from different regions is to use different hosting services. The most suitable variant in such cases is cloud hosting services The main advantage of this type of hosting is that access points are usually distributed across servers in different regions. In addition, cloud hosting provides additional stability through higher average uptime.

Because, again, the servers are not shared centrally and are located all over the world, not in a specific data center. And even if the connection from one of the access points to the website goes down, it will still be accessible through the other access point.

How to monitor multi-region websites

Monitoring of websites itself is a difficult task for website owners or responsible webmasters. This is because the webmaster needs to perform a large number of diagnostic procedures to keep the web site under surveillance at all times. For newcomers to the field, this is very difficult. For experienced website owners and professional webmasters, it is time-consuming at the very least.

If the site is designed for an worldwide audience, the situation becomes more complicated. After all, it is necessary to conduct diagnostics from different parts of the world. And the number of diagnostic procedures increases in proportion to the number of regions. Solving it independently with the classic tools familiar to every webmaster is practically impossible. You will have to perform fine-tuning manually for each possible region. But there is a more practical and effective approach to solving this problem.

The use of universal web website monitoring services, such as HostTracker, will solve this problem. This website accessibility service allows automated website monitoring from 140 access points around the world. They are not only located in different countries around the world, but also at different ISPs. This allows webmasters to determine very accurately whether a website is accessible from a particular region using http://host-tracker.com – online website location tracker platform. Thus, the webmaster using the HostTracker service can quickly find and fix any problem with the availability of the website.


In addition, this web site monitoring service will notify the Webmaster if something is wrong with the website. Its notification system can use almost any of the messaging systems. Including, but not limited to, phone calls, SMS and various messengers. And the webmaster can set up this system by literally telling the webmaster exactly what to notify the webmaster about.

How to effectively move website to another hosting

If you’re unhappy with the way your website is handling an international audience of users, then, as mentioned earlier, it makes sense to change your hosting. Whether you’re just switching providers or migrating your website to cloud hosting, you have to do it right. And first you need to make sure that the pluses of the new platform are more than the minuses. So you need to carefully compare all the features and prices. And also do a few basic diagnostics of the hosting with a check at https://host-tracker.com/ web page. This does not represent anything complicated.

The next thing to think about when moving a website from hosting to hosting is the impact of the move on the website’s position in search engine rankings and ad impressions. It is especially important considering the fact that many hosting companies provide not only resources for the website but also the domain name and SSL certificates. Therefore, you should immediately find out the possibility of transferring the website together with the domain. Otherwise you’ll have to practically start from scratch to promote the website. Because the robot scanners advertising and search services will perceive the website as new.


As for the transfer of the website, there are only two options for solving the problem. One option is to migrate the web site manually. This includes procedures such as uploading backups and transferring them to the new server, as well as specifying a domain name. Another way is to ask your new hosting for help with the migration. We recommend using this route if it’s available, as it’s most convenient for newcomers with limited technical knowledge or busy web site owners who have little free time.

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