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Netflix tricks you shouldn’t have to live without knowing in 2022

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Netflix is the go-to platform for 200+ million global subscribers to catch up on the latest films, check out the trending TV series or watch some good ol’ comedy. But are you getting the most out of your Netflix-viewing experience? Read on to know some of the tricks that can help you squeeze out the maximum juice of your subscription.

Download your favorite shows/movies to watch offline

The necessity and consistency of a high-quality, stable Internet connection are the biggest streaming obstacles. Luckily, you can easily overcome this by downloading your chosen TV shows and movies. You need the Netflix mobile application and remember that downloading TV series or movies will require some storage space. Once downloaded, you can watch the downloaded content on the go.

However, if you wish to watch Netflix shows and movies on your Mac, there’s no application. But there are ways to download content offline and watch it. For instance, you will get more out of your subscription by streaming Netflix via Airplay and downloading offline content you wish to watch.

Customize your account with profiles

Thanks to the platform’s personalized recommendation technology, the titles that appear on the homepage are specifically curated and organized based on what the users click on, watch and search for.

If you are the sole user, you can leverage this level of personalization. However, if you share your account with family and friends, you need to personalize your account by creating separate profiles.

As you open the app, you’ll notice you can create five different profiles. The preferences of each profile can be unique. There’s also a profile for kids, and this profile filters out content and ensures children only watch age-appropriate content.

Change your Netflix region

Owing to broadcasting agreements with television and movie studios, some of the content available on Netflix is country-specific. It means the content you can watch depends on where you are on the globe or where you make Netflix think you are.

There are clever ways of tricking Netflix and making the app think you are in a different region. For instance, you can change the Netflix region by using a VPN. It will allow you to watch content restricted in your country but allowed in other countries.

Change the language on your Netflix account

Netflix is an American company, but all the subscribers are not native English speakers. If you want to use Netflix in a different language, you can choose to change the language on your account. The platform offers more than twenty languages, and you can select the one you prefer.

On the language page, you’ll need to make two choices. First, select the language for the menu and other text. Second, select the language you want to read and listen to, which will impact the audio tracks and subtitles the platform provides you by default when you launch a movie or show.

Confused about what to binge-watch next? Let Netflix decide!

Do you spend hours scrolling through Netflix to find something to watch? There’s no need to do that because the Shuffle feature enables the app to find something for you. When you use the Shuffle Play feature, the app automatically plays something you would be interested in according to your watch list and watch history.

The Shuffle is an excellent feature for indecisive subscribers.

Disable autoplay

Hate being greeted by a loud preview of the latest movies or shows whenever you launch Netflix? These auto-playing videos might be valuable in finding new content, but they can be annoying and loud.

Most people aren’t aware that this feature can be disabled. You can switch off the autoplay feature by going to your Account page. You need to uncheck the ‘Autoplay previews while browsing on all devices’ option and click the Save button when you are there.

You can even change the settings from the same page so that when you finish one episode of a TV series, the app doesn’t play the next episode. You need to uncheck the ‘Autoplay next episode in a series on all devices’ option.

If you have multiple Netflix profiles, you need to change these settings on all of them.

Trim your viewing history and remove all the embarrassing titles

Don’t want your friends or family to know what you are watching? If so, you can choose to delete your viewing history. You need to click on Account > go through your profile menu and choose Viewing Activity. You will find all the series and movies you’ve watched in chronological order. You can remove those you don’t want people to know you have watched. So, you can cover your tracks, and nobody has to know your late-night viewing decisions.

So, these are a few Netflix tricks that can make your movie or show viewing experience so much better in 2022 & beyond.

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