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Abha, a city in Saudi Arabia, is surrounded by steep mountains and thick forests. This city is home to the well-known Aseer National Park, which is at the southernmost point of the Red Sea coast.

Due to its fascinating natural wonders and mild climate,, the city has attracted a lot of tourists over the years. These are one of the best places in Abha a tourist can visit even on a last minute flight.

1. Al Muftaha Village

If you are travelling with your family, Friend or travelling for your business. The traditional construction method utilized in the reconstruction of Al Muftaha Village can be observed.

This is a popular Middle Eastern location with attractions like the King Fahd Cultural Center, Media Center, Archaeological Center, and even a theater.

Al Muftaha Village is a good option for those who want to see Saudi Arabia’s historical treasures.

2. Raydah Escarpment Reserve

Due to attractions like the Raydah Escarpment Reserve, Saudi Arabia is one of the best places to visit in December.

Raydah Escarpment Reserve, just off the Al-Sooda Road, is one of the most popular places to visit in Abha for its stunning beauty.

It is about 15 kilometers from Abha. Due to its damp and cool climate, this is a great place to visit  for those who prefer a cooler climate.

3. Green Mountain

One of the best places to go at night in Abha is the Green Mountain, which offers an exotic view of the city. This is a place that tourists should visit at night because it is widely regarded as an iconic location.

The majority of visitors come at night to the Green Mountain, when tourists can have a wonderful time. Therefore, pay a visit to this location and take advantage of Saudi Arabia’s best nightlife with your loved ones.

Take a last-minute flight and come here with your family for a memorable trip of this stunning night view.

4. Al-Habala Valley

Al-Habala Valley, which can be found about 20 minutes away from Abha. In the beginning, ropes and pulleys were the only means of transportation to the village, even for trade with the nearby areas.

Interestingly, the alternative name for the valley is Hanging Village, and Al-Habala in Arabic means “rope.” But wait, how exactly do you get to the village now?

In the village area, visitors can explore cafés, restaurants, and even natural attractions like waterfalls.

5. High City

High City, one of the most popular Abha tourist destinations where visitors can see the best of nature, is another destination open to tourists throughout the year.

The restaurants in this area, which are located near Asir National Park, are a major draw and offer high prices for their services.

From here, visitors can even take in the most breathtaking view of the valley.

6. Shamsan Ottoman Castle

In any case, Shamsan Ottoman Castle might be a good option for you. Another historic castle, this is only ten minutes away from the city center of Abha and will not let you down. As a fine piece of history, the castle has been well preserved over time.

The best part is that visitors can take in panoramic views from the castle, and a large board with information about the castle’s long history can be found at the entrance.

7. Al Rashid Mall

One of the best things to do in Saudi Arabia is to shop, and one mall in Abha has everything travelers need.

One of Abha’s newest and most expensive malls, Al Rashid Mall, is the ideal location for a memorable shopping excursion with loved ones.

So, if you want to go shopping, go to the Al Rashid Mall and spend a few hours here.

8. Jabal Sawda

Jabal Sawda, probably Saudi Arabia’s highest point. It is a fantastic tourist destination in Abha and is well-known for a number of things. Jabal Sawada is the most popular tourist attraction in Abha,so you can take a last minute flight and visit this famous place.

Jabal Sawda is the ideal location if you want to make the most of your adventures in Saudi Arabia. This is the ideal spot for unwinding, as it is only 20 kilometers from Abha.

9. Rijal Alma Village

The Rijal Alma Village is one of Abha’s incredible tourist attractions. Rijal Alma Village is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is easily 1000 years old. It is about 1.5 hours from Abha and is a major tourist attraction.

The majority of tourists believe that a trip to this remote village in Saudi Arabia would not be complete without it. Its location is 45 kilometers from Abha in Asir Region.

10. Souq Al Thulath

Souq Al Thulatha is another excellent market in Saudi Arabia that provides tourists with a traditional shopping experience.

It is well-known for its selection of jewelry and souvenirs. The market, which is also known as Tuesday Market, is ideal for maximizing your time in Abha.

Travelers can have the most amazing time with traditional clothing, spices, honey, and a plethora of other delights.

11. Al Raqdi Museum

Al Raqdi Museum is a gem of a location that houses numerous heritage items. It is  another of those places to see in Abha where historical tours are guaranteed.

Visitors can purchase a variety of souvenirs, handicrafts, and other items during the museum tour.

12. The Dabbab Walkway

Well, one of Abha’s most well-known attractions is the Dabbab Walkway, also known as the Fog Walkway.

Over the course of time, numerous well-known photographs of clouds have been taken here. The fact that travelers can actually walk on the clouds while still being on the Fog Walkway when the weather is right is fascinating.

Final thoughts

The city of Abha, which is located in the center of Saudi Arabia, is one of the best places for tourists to visit even on a last minute flight for the best history experience.


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