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Problems Facing Small Business Owners

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Whether you’re thinking of starting a small business in the first few years of operation, here are common problems you might encounter at some point in time. But before that, you have to buy Facebook likes to market your products or services.

1. Health Care

The most challenging aspect of running a small business comes from managing health care for your employees. With no doubt, your employees’ health is very important, but with the increased healthcare costs, make finances difficult to manage. As the business owner is responsible for the good health of the employees. This gives the business owner a financial blow.

2. Government Regulations

Every year the government’s collar goes around business owners’ necks and tighten. Their regulations dealing with the environment discourages you to use environment pollutants; vehicles contribute to smog, gas, and other chemicals that destroy the ozone layer. While this act isn’t immoral, it becomes a challenge to business owners who don’t have the proper vehicles or environmental protection.

Another set of regulations that may tamper with your business is advertising regulations. For instance, the problem emerges when the copywriter enjoys artistic license too much and puts fraudulent claims in the copy. Commission of trades applies these regulations to both online and print advertising thus affecting small business.

3. Federal Income Taxes

Do you feel like each year, federal income tax rates skyrocket? It’s unbelievable. Under current law, the corporate tax rate is 15% on the first year of taxable income. Expect a 25% tax rate on the following payment and a whopping 35% tax on income over. Understanding about your country tax rate is important for you minimizing the costly damage of paying them.

4. The Economy

Honestly, no one knows how the economy will pan out. The loan can help you if you plan to purchase commercial property or major equipment. The loan protects you against the economy’s rising rates since the loan keeps down your overall finance costs, letting you get the most from tax rates. Variability of the economy’s condition cannot be exaggerated and it must be treated with the highest respect; doing so keeps you from taking unnecessary risks.

5. Tax Compliance

When your small business is home-based, office deductions are vital for keeping profits high. However, regulations concerning record keeping are time-costly and, if you don’t have a penchant for bookkeeping, it is frustrating.

If your business makes less income, you’re allowed to use cash accounting. This becomes a more complicated method. As the law says, your investment income will instantly be a deduction cost if you run a business.

6. Cash Flow

The challenge can be overcome from online invoice software to better budgeting systems and effective cash flow management. However, effectively every small business owner has cash income flow problems. One simple method is to keep strict follow up of your money, where it’s generating from, and how it’s used. The solution is to stay astute track of your income and expenses.

7. Staying Passionate

In our daily living, it is critical more than ever to be haunted with what you’re doing. Apart from that, the quality of your product/services hurts, thereby giving your customers a poor experience, which inspires them to take their business elsewhere. That is why possession is a condemning piece. When you’re working beyond your expectation and overtimes.

8. Not Diversifying Client Bases

You must take a good look at your client list. If you have any clients liable for more than half of your business income, generate more clients work better deals with them and other clients. If your income is riding on one whale, one whale could flash off to do business with someone else so look for alternative.

9. Growth vs. Quality

With time, a business may growl beyond growth expectations. Small business owners who haven’t planned for this increase in customers and product/service for production are responsible for falling by the wayside. When demands for your business increase, you’re more likely to cater to those demands without the proper systems in place. This is a reason you must clamber up your business.

10. Hiring New Employees

All the nation faces this problem; a small businesses owner faces employee-hiring troubles. The cost of hiring new employees, unfortunately, keeps rising. All those hurdles come into reality before defining the vacancy salary.

Without employees, a small business cannot run successfully. If you can relate how, life would be easier if you had a few employees under the belt. It’s always good to way the profit with the cost.


As a small business owner, realizing the essential for maintaining a calm head: your competitors face the same problems as you do. Regardless of our industry, all of you are in the same boat. 

However how you react to these challenges will modify the play as you become more successful, thereby leaving your rivals by the wayside. It’s important to remember that challenges and people do overcome them.

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