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Professional Tips to Use Heat Pumps During Winter Season

Winter is almost here, and people are starting to use heat pumps, but the intensity of its use has not reached its fullest potential. When you start using it at full power, you might face short cycling, system overload, noises, and foul smells. It is vital that after heat pump installation, you take care of it to last longer in winter.

Why is Proper Heat Pump Installation Important?

When you have correctly installed a heat pump system, it benefits you. These include cooling and heating the house, using less electricity, meaning cost on energy bills is reduced, decreased carbon footprint and quality of air become better as no smoke and fumes are produced as a result of burning fuel.

Professional Tips for Heat Pump Usage During Winter

The northern areas of Georgia experience low temperatures during winter. That leads to more use of heat pumps and other heating equipment. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, excessive use can lead to many issues. So, here are some professional tips for managing the use of heating equipment in winter.

Hiring North Georgia Heating and Air Companies

There is a long list of services that heating and cooling companies provide, including cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting units, replacing and repairing the damaged parts. Many people think that heat pumps work for only two or three months, so there is no need for hiring services. But issues can develop at any time; it is essential to check the appliance to avoid future problems.

Thorough Cleaning of Air Filters

The function of air filters in heat pumps is the same as in your HVAC system; it helps filter the air coming from outside. The air filters stop many pollutants, allergens, bacteria, germs, viruses, and microscopic mold particles from entering the house. These particles are the cause of various diseases and illnesses. 

Don’t Neglect Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit also holds importance in the proper working of the heating system, as most people think that heat pumps don’t have it. You have to look out for red flags in the outdoor unit like noises, frost developing on it, and short cycling. If you notice these signs, then immediately call HVAC companies like Wayne’s Heating and Air; so that the team inspects the heating equipment. 

Keeping Areas Around Both Units Clean

The presence of debris and dirt around both heat pumps units will interfere with the proper working. Initially, this cleaning spree should start during the autumn months when leaves fall from trees. These leaves have to be cleared around the outside unit. Then during the winter days, regular checks should be initiated.

Service of Heat Pump is Essential

Many homeowners forget to hire heat pump service providers when it is still summer as the unit needs to run during this time. The heat pumps should be serviced at least three times a year. Once as mentioned during summer, second time at the end of autumn/beginning of winter and finally once during the mid-winter.

Wearing Warm Clothes will allow you to put less stress on the heat pumps 

It has been advised by HVAC experts to use the heat pumps at lower temperatures if you want the system to work correctly. When you keep yourself warm by wearing winter clothes, the heat pumps will be better managed.

Install Smart Thermostat

An intelligent thermostat serves to regulate the temperature inside according to the climate outside. Also, you can use a timer to control the time of use of the heat pump. The temperature inside will become hotter if the temperature outside drops.

Use the Defrost Mode Often

The defrost process is an integral part of the heat pumps that enable the unit to melt snow and ice that builds up. The defrost system automatically starts in some units when the snow has gathered on the outdoor unit.

Never Cover-up the Heat Pump

The thought of covering up the heat pumps should be shunned as the unit might develop molds and insects and pests infestation. So, you are giving it space to breathe by not covering the outside unit.

Do Not Let Hot Air Escape

When you hire HVAC companies, you need to remind them to check for holes, small openings, and attic insulation for damages. If there are any openings, air will escape, and the room will remain cold.

Use the Heat Pump Wisely

It takes time for the air to reach every corner of the house, so you have to be patient and use the heat pump wisely. Don’t increase the temperature thinking that the room will be heated quickly. It will only increase the energy bill. 

If you follow all of the tips mentioned in the above points, then you will get the most benefits from heat pump installation during the winter season.

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