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Refresh your Roulette betting knowledge

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The word ‘Roulette’ itself means ‘small wheel’ in French, which is also the place from which the wheel itself originates. It’s said that the first prototype of the Roulette wheel was invented by French mathematician, physicist, inventor, philosopher, and writer, Blaise Pascal. Which he did by mistake in his quest to build a perpetual motion machine.

Since then, Roulette has only gained momentum, becoming one of the most popular casino games across the world. From a time when you could only access a game at your local brick-and-mortar casino establishment, the game proved popular. With Roulette’s popularity continuing to increase throughout the years, players would flock to Las Vegas for trips filled with wheel-spinning fun and games. สล็อตpg

When the first online casino arrived in 1996, the love players had for Roulette only increased. With the advancement of technology and the strength of the internet connection increasingly growing, it has never been easier for players to access a game at their convenience, any time of day, at any place in the world where they are connected to a reliable source of broadband. With this in mind, we wanted to give you a little refresh on the bets you can put down within a European Roulette game.

Read on to refresh your Roulette betting knowledge.

Inside Bets

  • Straight-Up Bet

A bet that can be placed on any single number between 0 and 36.

  • Split Bet

A bet was placed on two adjacent numbers. The chip you place down must be placed on the line between the two numbers you wish to bet on. This bet can include 0 and the number below it on the Roulette table.

  • Street Bet

A bet featuring three numbers in a row. To place this bet, you’ll need to place a chip down on the line at the end of the row.

  • Corner Bet

A bet featuring four numbers. This time, to place down a corner bet, you’ll need to place your chip in the corner of four numbers within the table, where four numbers touch.

  • Line Bet

For a bet consisting of six numbers, you must place a chip down on the line that borders two rows of three.

Outside Bets

  • Column Bet

This bet features an entire column. To place this bet you’ll need to add your chip into the ‘2:1’ box in line with the column you wish to bet on.

  • Dozen Bet

Using the ‘1st 12’, ‘2nd 12’ or ‘3rd 12’ boxes within the table layout, place your chip in the corresponding box to the 12 numbers you’d like to place a bet on.

  • Colour Bet

As the name suggests, this bet requires you to place your chips on which color you predict the ball to land – red or black.

  • Odd/Even Bet

Another bit that’s as the name suggests. Whether you predict that the next number the ball lands on is that of an odd or even, place your chip within the ‘odd’ or ‘even’ box on the betting table.

  • Low/High Bet

If you predict that the ball with next land between 1 and 18 (low) or 19 and 36 (high), place your chip within the correctly corresponding box within the table layout.

With your newly refreshed betting knowledge, there’s only one question we have for you – which bet are you going to place next?

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