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Some Interesting Facts About Rohrreinigung in Berlin

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Do you know what is rohrreinigung? It is a German word. It means pipe cleaning. The wastewater flows every day in a household or commercial building. Sometimes it clogged the drain. Then you should be asked for an expert.

If you are excited to know about rohrreinigung in Berlin, then this right place. 

Why did Blockage Happen?

Blockage can happen in various ways. Especially sinks, showers or bathtub pipes can be easily clogged due to splits of soap, and hair. Basin and other types of pipe can be stuck also. It happens because of leftover foods.

What is the solution? 

If you find such a situation, you can hire an expert. Always you don’t need an expert. You can do it alone with home remedies.

What can you Do?

A simple and budget-friendly process is here. It’s an eco-friendly process too. You can buy commercial pipe cleaner available on market. However, you can use vinegar and baking soda. This mixture can help to overcome the blockage.

If you don’t find the solution till now then call experts from the various companies available in the market.

Process of Rohrreinigung in Berlin

Call rohrreinigung in Berlin via phone- 

Rohrreinigung in Berlin availabl for ppol 24*7. So don’t hesitate. Call them. Say all the problems you faced. Your description can bring them the right tools and right fitters for your problem. If you understand the depth of the problem calls them fast. They can arrive at you with the right accessories within 30-90 minutes.

Advance Assessment-

Your description brought rohrreinigung in Berlin in the right place. They can early assess all of the problems. They can give you an approximate figure for service cost. However, thy will answer all of your queries. And the best possible solution for your problems.

Pipe Damage Prevention Tips-

Many symptoms will indicate that your pipe is clogging. You will find the water has not drained properly for some days. Your toilet is not flashing easily. Now you need experts for pipe cleaning or worst case sewer cleaning. Here are some pro tips for avoiding blockage- 

  1. Don’t dispose of pads and tampons
  2. Don’t throw pets litter and wastage
  3. Don’t use Diapers on the toilet 
  4. Never use the toilet for leftovers food

These are the most common cause of clogging. 

Some Pipe Cleaning Devices-

Cleaning Spiral-  

An important device of this process is the cleaning spiral. It is electrically operated. with the help of an electric motor, it is placed on the rotary motion. The cleaning spiral is very flexible, we can even remove stubborn drains or pipe blockages that are hiding behind one or more pipe bends.

High Pressure

This process can be done with powerful high-pressure cleaning devices available on the market. At first, the pipe was clean properly. Then high-pressure hose is used. And a huge amount of water passes through it. It makes pressure more and more. Until the water gets full flow this process will go on. Through this process affected area can be cured and remove all deposits. 

Camera Inspection- 

In some cases, a camera inspection is needed. With tracking shots, we can examine how is the condition. Thanks to some superpower colorful camera give us the best picture to find the problem and its solution. Although camera inspection is needed in some critical cases.

Costs for Rohrreinigung in Berlin

Some of the companies charge the same for all types of cleanings. Some companies charge differently for different types of cleaning. But the price always varies from 50 euros to 200 euros. 


You should save water for the environment but, you have to flash a sufficient amount of water for flushing. This is a very serious issue to deal with. So don’t be late. call Rohrreinigung in Berlin.

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