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Summer Fashion Tips for Men

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Dressing up for the summer season can be tough. The hot weather makes us feel like we are limited in the clothes that we are able to wear, and we do not want to go overboard at all along the way. As a man, your choices may seem even more limited, especially if you need to dress up for work quite a bit. 

The good news is that there are a few different steps that you can take to make sure you look amazing all summer long. Some of the best summer fashion tips for men include:

Dress Up While Dressing Down

In the humid days of summer, some of the business casual looks are going to be tough. This is why you need to take the time to find the happy medium between appropriate and comfortable. The good thing is that men’s fashion provides a number of options to help nail this and get it within your budget. 

Start with the pants. A good option is dark khaki shorts or pants, based on the occasion. These are a basic essential because you can choose to dress them up or down so they match any kind of occasion you are meant to enjoy during the summer. 

Once you have some of the pants in place, it is time to go with the right top. A patterned button-up tee or long sleeve will be a good option. A slight roll on the long-sleeves can give an added touch of style, making you look good, even in the hot summer sun. 

Invest in Birkenstocks

This is a trend you are not going to regret. Birkenstock has been around for a long time and it is likely they will continue as a trend this summer. but are also worried they will be stuck in some of the stuffy closed-toe shoes all summer long. 

These shoes are going to provide you with some of the comfort that you need, no matter the occasion. You can enjoy them when you go out for errands, have a picnic, or enjoy a beach day with the family too. 

Summer Fashion Tips for Men

Wearing a Large Hat

With the summer sun beating down on you, it is important to find some protection that will help you feel amazing. A large summer hat for the day can be a great choice to keep you cool and comfortable. 

There are many different styles of large hats that you can choose from. Go with a brim that will cover most of the face and neck though. This will ensure that you will have protection from the sun, all while being stylish and looking amazing. Light material is also a good idea to prevent issues with overheating in the summer sun. 

Look for Festive Swimwear

The options for exciting and eye-catching swimwear these days are endless. Guys will only need to have a swim trunk that they are able to use for swimming and as a stylish pair of shorts if you choose the right one. This can save room in the closet and makes you look good all summer long. 

The best swim trunks to choose will have fun designs and some neutral colors can work when you need casual and double shorts for the summer at the beach or at the lake. Experiment and search around for a few different options to help you out. 

Go Bold with Eccentric Patterns

Summer Fashion Tips for Men

This is the summer for a lot of fun patterns to enjoy. You do not have to go with muted choices that don’t look good. Instead, go with something bold that is likely to stand out and be a lot of fun. 

This summer, look out for shorts, polos, and tees that have pineapples and other fun patterns to enjoy. You want to add in a little bit of pizzazz to the look you have, without going too crazy. Apparel that has some of these unique designs will help you when it is time to show off your personality and may even give you that start to the conversation that you need. 

To keep the whole outfit fun and subtle, you need to make sure to avoid choosing pieces that have too much going on in them. Look to pair this with a pair of shorts that have a neutral color and simple design. This lets you have a pop of color without going too crazy in the process. 

Choose a Sunglass Strap

This is one of the accessories that you will fall in love with once you give it a try. Sunglass straps will help you keep the shades around, preventing them from dropping into the water or getting lost when you are out in the beautiful sun this summer. 

These straps are practical and can add a unique style with the rest of the looks that you want to have. Get some peace of mind knowing that the sunglasses will always stay secure and around your neck, even when you are not using them. 

Avoid the Baggy, Go for the Slim

As you pick out some of the outfits that you would like to wear for the summer, you need to choose clothing that will fit with your build and don’t hang around you. Some of the tips to remember for that includes:

  • Keep the shorts slightly above the knees. 
  • Make sure the shirts give enough room to breathe
  • Ask for help or get a second opinion before you pick out an outfit. 

Baggy clothing will be heavy and not fun. Go with something that actually fits you. 

Choosing the Right Looks for Summer

There are many things to consider when choosing the style for your needs this summer. You will have to consider the style, the comfort, and the occasion to help you get comfortable while looking amazing. Take a look at some of the tips above to help you look stylish during the summer months. 

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