The Best Christmas Movies

Christmas is coming! But what if you still don’t feel this atmosphere? Then you can play online casino games dedicated to this topic or watch these Christmas movies!


Media tycoon Frank Cross is cynical and sometimes even cruel to his colleagues, and he has no friends at all.

But on Christmas Eve, ghosts of the past, present and future have taken over Frank. They offer the hero to remember his childhood, to look at himself from the outside and to see the future, which doesn’t cause delight because of his contemptuous attitude towards people.

The role in Scrooged is one of the highlights of Murray’s career. He delivers trademark pearls, skillfully constructs a curmudgeon, and demonstrates his character’s transformation.

Bad Santa

Bad Santa is a Christmas thrash comedy for adults. Billy Bob Thornton plays a recidivist who works as Santa at a mall on Christmas Eve and then robs the mall with his “elf” sidekick.

At the same time, he takes a lot of alcohol, has promiscuous sex and does the most outrageous things. But one day, when an ordinary boy begins to believe in the hero, everything changes.


Student and bank employee Billy Peltzer lives in a small town. He is secretly in love with a colleague and dreams of a better life. On Christmas day his father gives him a strange and cute animal called a mogwai – the animal is given the nickname Gizmo. The creature’s former owner warns him not to let the pet out into the light, wet or feed it after midnight. Otherwise, expect trouble.

But the rules are for wimps! Billy’s friend douses Gizmo, and as a result, several lumps that have become his mischievous double are “budded” from the animal. Billy decides to placate them with a tasty midnight meal, and they transform into horrible Gremlins, make a real mess of the town and start attacking people.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Many people mistakenly think the author of this “horror” puppet is Tim Burton. However, he is listed in the credits as the producer and one of the screenwriters. And the director of the cartoon is Henry Selick. However, Tim and Henry are close friends, so it is possible that they worked on the cartoon in tandem.

The main character is Jack Skellington, a resident of the Halloween kingdom, who accidentally finds a portal to the city of Christmas. He wants to understand what it’s like to be everyone’s favorite do-gooder, kidnaps Santa and tries to take his place.

This dark cartoon is one of the best for family viewing: kids will appreciate the slightly surreal visual style and Danny Elfman’s immersive soundtrack, while adults are sure to love the story and atmosphere.

Jingle All the Way

Arnold Schwarzenegger showed back in 1990’s Kindergarten Cop that he can not only portray tough guys, but he can also make you laugh and be ironic. Six years later, in A Christmas Present, he captivated audiences with the role of his father, the always-busy clerk Howard Langston.

He’s willing to do anything to find his son a Turbo Man toy. But it is not such an easy task: he is not the only one who tries to buy a present for his kid at the very last minute, and a real battle begins for Turbo Man.

Watching the adventures of Schwarzenegger’s character is a pleasure, even 26 years after the movie was released. It’s also a great reminder to prepare for the holidays in advance.

Die Hard

Die Hard helped Bruce Willis become a big Hollywood star. Willis’ character, John McClane, is an ordinary New York cop who tries to mend his relationship with his wife and stop drinking.

One pre-Christmas day, he arrives at his wife’s work to reconcile. However, his plans are thwarted by terrorists who take over the office center and take the employees, including John’s wife, hostage.

While dealing with the terrorists, Willis’s character jokes merrily, grumpily complains about fate, and makes quick decisions on the fly. Die Hard could justifiably be considered the best Christmas action movie ever made.

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