The Board Game of Life

Why Bother?

 Board games are awesome. I could just stop there and be done with it, but I’ll explain a little more! In my opinion, board games can help people in many ways. First of all, they can be fun. Games are something that most people enjoy doing every now and then, so playing them is something to look forward to. You might like taking risks as well – games often involve some sort of chance or luck involved (unless you’re playing chess). Another thing is that they teach lessons without explicitly saying so. Many popular board games contain themes and ideas within them which help the player learn about life in general.

For example: Monopoly teaches you about how everything costs money; Scrabble teaches you about putting your best word forward; Monopoly also shows us how easy it is to lose money if you don’t plan ahead properly; Go Fish shows us how important communication is – even among friends; Apples To Apples has one player choose a topic for the other players to judge based on their personality (which may be telling about what kind of person you are); Sorry allows players to work out an opponent’s weaknesses so they can figure out which piece will beat them next time around; Clue shows us deception and lies (even pretend ones); Battleship teaches strategy. I like board games are popular because they are easy to play and fun.

 How To Play Well

Okay, so now you’re interested. But do you know how to play well? I personally like playing with my family, but also on a team with people I don’t know in real life (things like “The Game of Thrones Board Game” or “Dominion Party”). In order to win at these games and others, there are some things that must be done:

HAVE FUN – This is probably the most important thing! If you’re not having fun, then it’s no use even playing in the first place. You should try different strategies just because it’s good practice and helps you learn new tricks later on! DON’T GET TOO SERIOUS – Don’t let losing ruin your day; this is supposed to be a relaxing activity after all. If someone wins too much then challenge them again later on once they have plenty of time to think about what went wrong; this way both players will have better chances of winning. MAKE GOOD CHOICES – It’s very important that your choices are good ones; if they aren’t then your chances of winning decrease dramatically. Another thing to remember is that it’s usually better to choose high-risk/high-reward choices over safe ones.

*Note – In some cases, you may want to be careful about how many risks you take. For example: If someone else has a card which can win them the game (like a “Draw Two” card in Apples To Apples) then it’s usually not worth risking your chance of winning for another card. Also, if you have all of your pieces on one area then it’s probably not a good idea to move them into an area with lots of negative effects (like in Battleship). Don’t let others tell you what kind of strategy will work best though! I’m just giving general advice here.*

Make sure that every choice you make is worth taking; sometimes the most risky choices aren’t the best ones. Try different things and see what you like best!

 Choosing The Right Game

This part is really important! When picking out a board game to play, you have to make sure that it’s the right one for the people playing. For example: If you’re playing with some old friends then make sure to choose a game which is fun for everyone involved; if someone isn’t into it then try something else. There are lots of different kinds of games out there, so try new ones every now and then! One last thing I’d like to say about choosing games is this: You can always come back around to older ones later on when they are more appropriate.

This also helps prevent your collection from becoming too large (which could happen easily!). Some good choices would be: Go Fish, Apples To Apples, Blokus (a fun strategy game), Battleship (or any other “battling” game), Clue/Cluedo (I prefer Clue myself), Sorry!, Scrabble, Monopoly/The Game Of Life/Simpsons Tapped Out Online Edition – these are all good choices which will teach many lessons while still being fun at the same time. Above all else though: Have Fun! This is what makes most games great in general – having a good time with friends or family along with being able to enjoy yourself without doing anything too serious or stressful in life.

I hope you had a good time reading through this article. In the end, I just want to say that board games are great and that you should try them out sometime if you haven’t already. Have fun!

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