Drug-Free Work Environment

The Importance Of Having A Drug-Free Work Environment

A workplace is a place of productivity and good performance. 

There are rules that many companies implement for their employees. These rules are guidelines for maintaining a good working environment in the office. For instance, rules and regulations regarding drug-free workplace compliance are necessary. 

Companies conduct drug free workplace training to raise awareness among their employees. These companies use this training to disseminate information that could keep their employees out of vices.

But why is it necessary to have a drug-free work environment for your employees? Here is an article that lets you know why.

Increase in the productivity of employees

Most of the time, drugs cause problems and issues within the workplace. 

A drug-free workplace increases the productivity of employees. Employees can focus better at work without drugs and other vices in their systems. When they have the focus, it can help them to be more productive and do their jobs better. 

Many studies show that employees who occasionally use drugs are latecomers. Most of them have trouble concentrating and are most inclined to have poor health. 

There will be fewer missed days for the employees when there are no drugs. Studies from the National Safety Council show that employees with substance use disorders (SUDs) miss work 24.6 days per year. The figure is contrary to their coworkers, who miss an average of 15 days. So, companies could be paying for unproductive employees than reaping benefits from their productive work. 

Contrary to that, the workforce will operate in its optimum productive state. That is why promoting drug-free work culture is essential in any workplace.

Promotes safer workplace culture

A no-drug work environment promotes a safer workplace for all employees. 

Drugs have psychological effects on someone. Sometimes, it can lead to psychosis and delusional thoughts. These mental illnesses can affect a person’s life, including work-related matters. 

Drug and substance addiction does not only harm a single person, but it can destroy a work environment too. Sometimes, abusers can influence peers, which can cause a headache for many companies. 

Long-term drug abuse promotes unsafe and unstable control of your body which can lead to dangerous decisions. These decisions can jeopardize not only your work but your life as well. 

The control of the management should be firm. The policies need to be in place during the hiring process. This way, the company can prevent imminent loss and problems. 

Also, a person who abuses cannot seem likely not trusted at work. Most of them are unaware of the reality. Thus, they cannot even focus on working or do not care anymore. 

Being away from drugs and vices can help the workplace to be more welcoming. It also helps the bond between every employee better. 

Positive work atmosphere

A drug-free workplace creates a conducive and positive work environment. It is like giving a ray of sunshine to the workplace, where you know that everything will work out flawlessly. Contrary to a workplace where there is substance abuse, which can be problematic. 

Positivity in the workplace is necessary for every employee. The reason is that being happy in a workplace where you spend most of your time increases productivity. 

Usually, a workplace is where you mingle and make friends with your colleagues. It does make sense when you have workmates to rely on who you know are not abusing drugs. 

Further, positivity in the work environment enables everyone to work in harmony. 

Higher quality employees

Most companies require drug testing in their hiring process. The process is necessary to filter out the quality and potential problem employees the company could hire. Drug testing is a method that allows the company to see who fits best before they hire employees on board. 

Passing the drug test indicates that the person could work effectively for the company. 

In some workplaces, where technicality is essential, substance abusers have no place. For instance, you would not want a doctor to treat patients under the influence of drugs. Or you would not wish a pilot to navigate a flight when drugs become involved. 

Regardless of the workplace, drugs decrease a person’s effectiveness in performing his job. 

Fewer work-related injuries

Drugs make you do things you might or do not intend to do. It can sometimes make you act crazily or without thought. Sometimes, it can lead to problems or injuries that can threaten one’s life.

Drugs can impair a person’s judgment and reaction time which can cause injuries. Poor judgment is not healthy in a workplace. The possibility of harming yourself and your workmates is high. The risk of getting an injury is also there.

That is why having a drug-free workplace is highly necessary. A drug-free workplace enables a company to have few work-related injuries. It can keep the workplace safer and out of trouble. 

Many companies ought to promote drug-related policies to ensure that their employees comply. For instance, some companies conduct bi-annual drug testing for their employees. The test is highly relevant to most jobs today. 

Getting the help someone needs

Promoting a drug-free work environment is necessary for many businesses. But a company should be careful not to get to the level of discrimination. 

Drug-free work culture is something taught and practiced. If you know someone who needs help, some agencies and organizations are willing to offer this. 

In a workplace setup, the human resources office is mostly the one handling the situation. The office is also the one task for administering drug tests which are sometimes randomly done. 

Drug abuse is better treated and not harbored. And it is okay to get help when you need it. 

In Conclusion

Some laws address substance and drug abuse in the workplace. Federal laws are necessary to prohibit a person from abusing drugs. This way, employees will have a safer work environment. 

It is safer not to explore areas where there is the involvement of drugs. Keeping away from drugs keeps someone sane and healthy. 

There could be temptations, but it is best if you do not try. That is because drugs can destroy both your health and your life. 


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