The Psychology of Marketing

Marketing is one of the most important strategies that a company can use to build and promote its brand and ensure long term sustainability. Marketing refers to the interactive process that an organisation undertakes in order to engage its target market, develop brand awareness, create value for return, and make sales. It is the main mechanism used by businesses to generate sales leads, build and nurture customer loyalty and build and manage business relationships. Marketing is a process that involves the creative management of the exchange of information and ideas between people and organisations. It is the process by which one makes their way to excellence.

Researching The Market

Marketing activities have become so crucial today that marketing research is termed as a significant element of marketing strategy. Marketing research helps companies to understand their target markets, competitors’ activities and profile their market opportunity and needs. This helps them to design effective marketing campaigns that will reach out to the right audience and create the maximum return on investment. Pinkoffice is a brand that was able to do this well, because although it is a relatively new brand, the business thrives because it reaches the appropriate consumers identified by quality research.. Marketing research also helps in improving the quality of product or service offered by a company and investigates customer’s feedbacks regarding the same.

The concept of marketing research is very much associated with the concept of selling. Research helps organisations to identify their target consumers, understand their buying habits and tastes, learn about their purchasing power and learn about their purchasing decisions. All this information is needed to formulate and execute plans for selling their products or services. The process also helps marketers to evaluate the success of advertising campaigns and explore new marketing ideas that will help them to serve their customers better.

Satisfying Customers

Another important concept related to the concept of marketing is customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction defines the entire concept of marketing as it deals with identifying the customers needs and desires, creating a product or service that fulfills these needs and desires and creating a marketing strategy that can ultimately satisfy these needs and desires. In short, customer satisfaction means developing products and services according to the customer needs and choosing marketing tools that can help to deliver these products and services to the customers effectively. Once customers get products or services that meet their needs and preferences, they are definitely going to come back to you again.

Marketing Myopia

Marketing myopia is another very important concept that affects the overall concept of marketing. Marketing myopia refers to the overall attitude that many people have towards marketing. Many marketers and advertisers have developed products and services based on popular consumer concepts, without considering the needs and desires of the real consumers. Due to lack of adequate market research, marketers often develop products and services that consumers do not need or desire, and thus, sell poorly. This can have a negative impact on your company’s image and sales, and ultimately, affect your company’s profitability.

The Bottom Line

Marketers must therefore learn to incorporate customer-centered design and marketing strategies to address some of these issues. Instead of developing products and services according to popular consumer concepts, marketers must learn to develop marketing strategies that focus on meeting the specific needs of consumers. For instance, instead of creating marketing campaigns that revolve around the idea that “the customer is always right,” marketers should be focusing more on understanding the actual needs of the consumer. They should be willing to listen to consumers in terms of their concerns, frustrations, and hopes for the future.

Moreover, marketers should also avoid implementing marketing concepts that are out of touch with today’s consumers. Marketing concepts such as mass media marketing, for instance, should not be used anymore because consumers have learned to tune them out. Instead of using television commercials to reach out to potential customers, what marketers should do is use digital media, social network marketing, email marketing, and other internet-based strategies. By learning to address and adjust marketing concepts to better meet today’s consumers, you will not only increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, but also ensure that your products and services become mainstream and successful.

By addressing the factors above, marketers will be able to address some of the more troubling issues that exist in today’s marketing management paradigm. The above list is just a few of the factors that can lead to ineffective and even harmful marketing concepts. Thus, it is important that you become aware of the many ways that your marketing concepts are out of line with society and therefore, ineffective.

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