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The tricks used by musicians to get more views on YouTube music videos

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YouTube promises a handsome amount of profit for musicians of various categories. However, mastering YouTube for music has become tricky with so much diversity and competition. If you are a struggling musician on YouTube, I have a lot of tips for you and you must keep reading to find out various tricks that successful musicians use on YouTube to gain extra income. 

Types of YouTube tricks used by musicians

Primarily, there are two types of YouTube tricks used by music creators on YouTube. Firstly, there are longer and hards ways that they adopt and implement to reach their ultimate goals. Secondly, there are fast and easy ways. 

The long tricks

These particular tricks require much attention, time, commitment, and consistency. Also, once you get their hand and habit, they will not feel harder and become easier with time. 

More videos

Uploading more and more content on your channel is one of the most effective ways of taking it to glory. Similarly, those short of content are not favored by the YouTube algorithm. 

Also, you need to wait for that one particular video that can change your luck and go viral. Such videos come on rare occasions, and you need to keep trying to produce more numbers. 

Upload in routine

Uploading videos is not complicated; uploading regularly and keeping to the routine is hard. It would be best to stick to the routine and upload your music videos regularly. Suppose you can manage three videos in one week, then you need to develop a pattern by dividing the week in three equal times and uploading precisely on the given time. 


Yes, it would be best if you also had search engine optimization of your YouTube content. It is not rocket science, and you can manage it by putting a bit of effort into it. The trick is to perform keyword analysis and deploy a few SEO techniques on each of your videos before uploading them.

Catchy Titles & Image

The first thing on YouTube is the video image and its title. You may also add a few exciting captions to the picture. Also, you must not use clickbait and put misleading info on the images and title – it can lead to dislikes which are like a lethal poison to your YouTube ranking.

Excellent music

It goes without saying that your music must be good if you want t to achieve a higher ranking among your competitors.

The short tricks

These methods are short and can give your music channel an incredible boost, leading to success in a brief period.

Hire a YouTube Marketer

This is the most used trick that is also effortless and effective. All you need to do is hire someone else to do your job. Also, this will save you hundreds of hours of work and thousands of hours of waiting.

A friend told me he used the lenostube.com promotion package specifically designed for musicians. 

You can select how many views you need from 25k to 100k. Also, you can choose your targeted audience and music genre. All you need to do is give them the link, so it is quite simple but nice.

Final Thoughts

For starting musician Youtubers, it is too much work to get their channels monetized and start earning some capital. Personally, I would go for the short trick and hire a service to do it for me. You can imagine how much time I would spend on getting my channel monetized instead; I can generate much more income by utilizing the same amount of hours elsewhere. Ultimately, the short way is better, and once you are up and running, you can work hard on your channel, and it will bring you income as well. 

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