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Top 5 Benefits of Weight training You Must Know

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Weight training is often associated with experienced athletes or heavy weight lifters. However, this misconception is wrong. Weight training or strength training has several health benefits including strengthening the body muscles, reducing body fat, boosting metabolism, increasing bone density, and whatnot. It is not just confined to athletes only.

If you’re someone who is a fitness lover or wants to embark on the journey of fitness, you should definitely incorporate weight training into your schedule and yield real results. Here is why you should include strength training in your workout regime.

1. Strengthens Body Muscles

One of the major benefits of weight training is that it strengthens the body muscles. In addition, one can target a group of muscles such as the core, thigh, or arm to engage them and strengthen them. You don’t have to lift heavy weights for that purpose. Using fewer weights with more repetition in each set can help you achieve your goal. For starters, buy dumbells online of lightweights such as 2-3 kg or 5-6 kg to not strain the muscle. You can add more weights once your body gets used to it.

2. Helps lose Fat

Weight training assists in the weight loss journey. It tends to increase the fat loss process and tone the muscles. Weight lifting helps your body to build more muscle and at the same time lose body fat. Muscle tissue is more metabolically active and helps you burn more calories in the long run than you did before. However, you need to keep your daily calorie intake in deficit than you burn, only then you’ll see real progress.

3. Improves bone density

No other physical activity improves bone density like weight lifting. In weight lifting, you use weights of various ranges to put pressure on bones. As a result, the bones produce more bone tissue and become denser. Denser bones are less prone to fractures, osteoporosis, etc. It reduces bone loss with age and helps you maintain and improve bone function over time. Therefore, not only adults but aged people should also indulge in light weight training and prevent bone-related issues naturally.

4. Boosts Confidence

An obese person is always shy around people because they don’t consider themselves physically appealing. This can not only crush one’s confidence but can also make him feel little about himself. Including weight training in such a person’s life cannot only help him overcome his complexes but also aid in the weight loss journey. In addition, it will also help to improve the physical, mental, and emotional strength of a person. As a result, he’ll be more confident in his skin and would take pride in it.

5. Improves Quality of Life

Weight lifting is a great physical activity that helps you use your time productively. Adding a 30-40 minute session of weight training in your life can not only help you improve your mood but also aid to gain overall muscle strength. In addition, it boosts the metabolism of your body and helps you to stay fit by burning more calories. Moreover, it makes you strong and adds value to your life.


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