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Top 7 Most Fashionable Gaming Characters

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There is some amount of fashion in whatever a game character wears, even if it is horrible.

However, in honor of our forthcoming virtual summit on Gaming Fashion, we thought it would be amusing to look at some of the most stylish characters in gaming history.

Some of these characters are genuine fashion mavens who could saunter down a runway with today’s best models, while others keep to one silhouette for many of their appearances.

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Now, let’s focus on these fashionable gaming icons:

1: Dante: Devil May Cry

Dante is a half-demon, half-human character from Devil May Cry. He is hell-bent on destroying wicked demons and supernatural opponents.

This occurred after his mother was assassinated and his sibling was corrupted. He’s had some incredibly trendy moments over most of his tenure as a gaming character.

For one thing, the juxtaposition between his white hair and iconic crimson trench coat is impossible to resist.

It’s really cool when he’s soaring through the air, his coat flapping in the wind. His sleeves have zippers, and the brown leather holsters on his back are both attractive and practical.

2: 2B: Nier Automata

The attire of 2B is a little different.

She’s a blend of titillation, artistic flourish, and meta-commentary, drawing from Japanese Kawaii style, a bit goth, and wearing an extremely ridiculous blindfold that presumably doubles as military goggles.

She’s made not just for battle but also for 9S. Without giving too much away, it works on several levels, including as a statement on the masculine gaze in gaming.

Oh, and her blindfold evidently represents her inability to see the truth. So there’s more to her outfit than catching mere boys’ attention.

3: Lightning: Final Fantasy XIII

She’s also one of the few Final Fantasy characters to break out from the franchise and become somewhat of a celebrity outside of it.

Lightning made her fashion debut in 2015, modeling for renowned French fashion company Louis Vuitton.

Instead of swords, she wields bags and dresses in lace tops and silver gowns. Her costumes in the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy were pretty fashion-forward.

4: Alucard: Castlevania

Alucard is the epitome of gothic fashion. Vampires are a frequent fashion influence, but few figures have managed to capture Alucard’s melancholy grace.

Alucard embraces the mystique and danger of a supernatural alpha-predator while also expressing the frailty of mankind as a half-vampire.

He stands out as one of the most memorable characters in the Castlevania series, and his outstanding wardrobe is one of the reasons for it.

5: K/ DA: League of Legends

K/DA is a fictitious band made up of League of Legends characters, with real musicians performing their songs and a real audience.

If Mark Zuckerberg believed his Metaverse film was going to introduce us to anything new, he should have played some League of Legends first.

If you see their fashion, you’ll find sporty streetwear, animal ears, tails, and the color purple to be the staple choice of these fashionistas.

It’s brilliant, and you can actually put on these clothes and strut the streets with a surge of confidence.

6: Bayonetta: Bayonetta

Bayonetta wore a complete leather bodysuit with exposing cuts, raising the bar on the bodysuit trend.

As if that weren’t enough, she’s taken the fringe trend to new heights we’ve never seen before.

Bayonetta’s vintage attire makes her one of the most fashionable video game characters of all time, as she’s constantly rocking elegant haircuts, as well as attractive spectacles that serve as the perfect finishing touch to a fantastic ensemble.

Oh, and her gun sneakers!!! We’re not sure what else is high fashion if that isn’t.

7: Cloud Strife: Final Fantasy VII

Cloud is a brooding, egotistical mercenary who only cares about finishing the mission at hand. In other words, he’s a sword-wielding runway model.

Cloud’s signature look is defined by its simplicity.

Cloud is dressed in black and wields a massive sword. His platinum blond hair, on the other hand, provides him a distinct silhouette that allows gamers to recognize him right away.

The attractiveness of his vogue aesthetic is on full show in the Final Fantasy VII remake, and the character’s long-term popularity is a testimony to his outstanding outfit.

Let Your Clothes Speak For You!

Video games have long crossed paths with a variety of other activities.

We’ve seen how video games may influence our fashion choice and set us apart from the crowd.

The way fashion and gaming cross is proof that these intersections don’t necessarily have to be serious. These two worlds are inextricably linked.

So, if you want to know more about these characters, ping us NOW.

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