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What Software Do You Spend The Most Time On?

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Have you ever wondered how software plays a significant role in our lives? How do our daily routines rely on software? If not, then take out time to figure out how software usage affects our lives. People use software for every work. From smartphones to smart home devices, we depend on software for almost everything.

Do you know what software you spend the most time on? Here, we have made a list of the five most used software. Read the article below to learn about them, and let us know whether you use these applications or not.

5 Most Used Software


PDF documents are in demand nowadays, and many people have to deal with PDFs. Whether schools, colleges, universities, or offices, people use this file format the most due to its portability and compatibility with every device. However, one needs a PDF writer or editor to manage PDF files. UPDF by Super ace Software Technologies is a free PDF writer for Mac. Now, UPDF is also available for Windows. People spend most of their time on UPDF as they have to manage PDF files regularly.

UPDF for Mac supports adding and editing text in PDFs. Its user-friendly interface is a delight to the eyes and very easy to use. Even a non-tech-savvy person can use UPDF efficiently. Moreover, some new features have also been introduced in UPDF. Now UPDF supports PDF conversion to different documents, including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Image, and other formats.


UPDF has several amazing features, and users have a wonderful experience editing PDF files with UPDF. Fast speed and high performance make UPDF one of the most used software for editing PDF files.

Microsoft (Word, Excel, PPT)

Microsoft is also one of the most used software. People use this software for different purposes. They use Microsoft Word for word processing and document creation, Microsoft Excel for data visualization and analysis, and PPT to make presentations. All these applications in the Microsoft suite have made life easier.

Whether people want to create documents, organize data in spreadsheets, or make presentations for work, Microsoft has it all covered by allowing access to Word, Excel, and PPT, all in one place. Moreover, Microsoft has an easy-to-use interface and tools that enable users to work seamlessly.


Microsoft has played a significant role in making our lives easier by offering several different applications and computer software. It is and will continue to be one of the most used software by many people. It helps people manage their daily tasks seamlessly.


Undoubtedly, WhatsApp is one of the most used messenger applications. People around the world use this free-ware application to communicate with each other. Its cross-platform availability makes this application used by everyone. Whether you want to message, call, or send pictures, you can do it all with WhatsApp messenger.

Not only can you send pictures with WhatsApp but also videos, voice messages, user locations, and other documents. Its story feature allows you to share pictures, videos, or news with your family and friends. In the past, texting and calling people outside the country used to be very expensive. But today, WhatsApp has resolved all these problems. You just need an internet connection to use this application and communicate with anyone in the world.


Whatsapp is a great software for communication and claims to be end-to-end encrypted. It means all your personal data is not shared with them, and it is secure to transfer anything via WhatsApp messenger, including images, videos, contacts, locations, and documents.


With millions of active users, TikTok is another most used software. It is a short-form video hosting software that allows users to make videos of any genre, including entertainment, news, music, etc. This social media platform is available as a mobile application and a web application, as well. From kids to adults, TikTok has something for everyone.

When used for the right purpose, this social media application can do wonders to bring awareness about certain causes. However, addiction to such applications can sometimes get severe. It is recommended to use it for meaningful purposes and calculated time periods.


TikTok is an entertaining app, and sometimes people feel lightheaded when using this software to get away from daily grinds. Not only can people use it for entertainment purposes but also educational purposes. As most kids and the younger generation use this software, educational videos can have a deeper impact on them.


Used by more than half of the world’s population, Google is one of the most used software all around the world. It is a search engine that has every information you might need. From web pages to images and videos, you can search for anything and everything. Moreover, it is easy to navigate on Google. Just type the required keyword you want to search for, and Google will present hundreds of search results.

Its vast database can store tons of data in it. With artificial intelligence and cloud computing, it brings back your search results within the blink of an eye. Referred to as the most powerful company in the world, Google has several products for its users, including Google Photos, Gmail, Google Drive, Maps, etc.


With millions of websites and web pages in its database, Google can provide information for anything. There is nothing you can’t find on this search engine.


The software has made our lives easier. From mobile phones to smart home appliances, everything runs on software. Had these not been invented, our lives would have been different. They represent our daily routines. From morning to evening, we can find ourselves surrounded by tons of software.

We introduced a list of some of the most used software. PDF remains to be our favorite among this software. With the increase in the usage of PDF files, we need a multifunctional PDF editor. And UPDF is one of those that has to offer several features to its users. UPDF is the best choice compared to many PDF editors.

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