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Croxyproxy YouTube: A New Way To Unblock YouTube Videos And Shorts Without VPN

Croxyproxy YouTube is a digital platform or a site from where you can unblock YouTube and Facebook. This site is not an authorised option to use but still it is there in service.

If you are facing any problem while streaming YouTube videos and shorts, then use this portal to unblock it for you. There are various possible reasons by which you might not be able to process each video clips and features but sure there is a solution for this.

This platform is applied to YouTube and Facebook which are two of the biggest platforms to connect, learn and earn. We will discuss about these platforms and their features in the upcoming points.

About Croxyproxy YouTube

There are various features on YouTube that you are not able to process, the reason behind this may varies on the situation.

To unlock those features and to connect yourself with unlimited entertainment simply implicate this platform. This is a door to your unlimited fun, and streaming world.

It is a digital site which is available and active all times for the users. It serve the two biggest platform that are operating worldwide. Those two platform are: YouTube and Facebook.


It is a digital platform or an application where you can learn and explore anything you want. YouTube is completely free to explore and enjoy.

You can turn your career with the help of this platform, allow yourself to earn unlimited by creating your own media channel on their platform.

Features of YouTube

  • Free of cost, only requires internet connectivity.
  • Allow to create your own channel.
  • Open door for entertainment, fun, digital learning and more.
  • Video media


This is a platform where you can connect with each other. By sitting anywhere in the world you can chat with any person.

This demands you to create a Facebook account, on this you can post and share your pictures and stories for free. It is one of the oldest web connectivity which has now captured Instagram and WhatsApp too.

Features of Facebook

  • Digital web connectivity site.
  • Can chat, share videos and photos.
  • Free of cost, requires online connectivity.
  • A platform to make new friends.

How does Croxyproxy YouTube works?

Before knowing the solution let’s understand the problems behind the blockages.

The five possible reasons that create this issue are:

  1. It may be banned by the one who provide Internet.
  2. It may be banned because someone might have complaint against it.
  3. Might be the government orders to block some specific categories.
  4. Possible reason of DNS Failure.
  5. Restriction caused by the network administrators.

These are those reasons which are mentioned by them on their official site. To understand how it works, simply select the content link and paste it in the Croxyproxy site. It will unblock the content for you to watch and enjoy.

Top 9 benefits of Croxyproxy

  1. Support full native and audio video.
  2. Support Twitch which means it helps to stream live videos.
  3. It helps to unblock the content for you to watch and enjoy.
  4. This is applicable to the two biggest worldwide platform: YouTube and Facebook.
  5. Can be easily implied on Android device or a Chromebook.
  6. It helps to engage with various HLS, AVI and codes.
  7. It provide a right to anonymity on Internet with any connection chain.
  8. It helps you to identify the problems and find a solution for it.
  9. Simple to ease, understand and apply.

Croxyproxy is a Webproxy site, how does it differ from VPN?

Croxyproxy is a Webproxy site, This site is limited to provide it service to the specific platforms. If you’re looking to crack the YouTube and Facebook content then this is the best option against VPN. It is better to prefer web proxy as it free of charge.

This doesn’t demand for any configuration and therefore it is easy to give it a shot. As, you have already read about the possible reasons for blockages but, when you make a call with site it isn’t the problem anymore.

VPN is virtual private network which creates a connection between you computer and local area network. It helps to unblock the content for you to watch, dream and play. Some of the content or post are banned by the government in few countries, VPN allow them to crack it.

Simplest difference between them is Webproxy deals with single channel or specific channel where as VPN deals with all the Internet Traffic.

How to unblock YouTube with Croxyproxy?

Social media, is it quite difficult to understand that whether it is our part of life or we are the part of social media world, Right ? Question about it to Yourself!

To unblock content on YouTube or Facebook follow these steps:

  • To unblock the content, firstly open the Croxyproxy official site on the browser.
  • Select the link for the content you want to Unblock form the page.
  • Paste it in the Webproxy site and then demand for unblocking.
  • It will do the needful for you within few seconds. Open to watch, learn, seek entertainment and more.

Why it is important to unblock?

People are living in the world of digital media. From some things to the biggest marks everyone are dependent on the internet. Internet used to be the option in the end if you don’t find anything from anywhere. Nowadays, internet is no longer an option, it is the only platform to gather information.

People are connected to each other through social media applications and pages. If this goes vanish it will impact the human lives in a disastrous manner. People are so bound to technology that they have forget about what is legal and illegal!

Watching online movies for free on pirated sites, playing togel games to earn money and unblocking content through VPN and web proxy are some of the misconduct that are going on.


It is a solution for the blockages, if you’re looking for an unblocking content site especially for Facebook and YouTube then you’re on the right path. This article doesn’t support any such sites and their operations. Yes, there are various advantages of using this platform but alongside, some of the bad watermarks are attached too. Looking into such sites before creating a trust on such platforms. It’s a matter of your choice. Legally, we should not violate the blocked content as government and internet provider have made it to save us only. This type of site might affect our electronic devices to be careful.

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