4 Unique Waterfall Ideas by Atlanta Pool Builders

A natural waterfall uplifts the beauty of a landscape dramatically. But they don’t have to be reserved for the trips. You can have your very own waterfall in your pool! And no, they don’t even cost as much as you may think. Hiring a skilled Atlanta pool builder can make sure to use your ideas as a foundation to create a masterpiece that won’t empty your pockets. A waterfall can add to the overall value of your house that you can benefit from when selling it.


Let’s take a look at some of the best waterfall designs.


4 Genius Waterfall Styles by Atlanta pool builders:

Coming up with ideas of your own could be hard especially when you don’t have any experience with designing such a complex landscape. Trusty pool companies in Atlanta can help make this process easy.


First one is a fountain waterfall.


1.     Aqua Blue Pool:

Aqua blue pools are a combination of a waterfall and a fountain inside a pool. The waterfall has different levels for the water to fall from and the fountain keeps feeding the water supply. All the water coming out of the fountain is returned to it through an underground pump to keep the cycle going. So, if you are into waterfall designs that are functional and beautiful, aqua blue pools are the way to go.


Next up is turning your pool into an oasis.


2.     Oasis:

A nice gazebo to look at when you enter your pool is a sight for sore eyes. A gazebo is a pavilion structure built in a spacious public area but who’s to say you can’t have one in your house? This multi-layered rock structure with an active waterfall to accompany it across your pool is worth it to swim to. If you’re feeling a little frisky, you can use it to cannonball into the pool too!


3.     In-ground Swimming Pool Waterfall:

A pool that looks like it’s a pond that existed naturally, complements a waterfall in the perfect way. It’s the closest you can get to recreating an authentic waterfall experience as seen in nature. In-ground swimming pools can be easily built and made to look exactly the way you want if you hire an experienced team like Sandals Luxury Pools to help you out. Once you have it installed, add some dramatic lighting to elevate the effect and finish your masterpiece with some potted plants on the side.


4.     Firepit Pool Waterfall:

Now we are getting into creative territory! People like to add firepits to their pool sides as an aesthetic add-on. And we agree they do make for a spectacular hardscape! But what if you could have a waterfall coming out of it that goes into the pool? The fire blazing up top can warm the water and function as a pool heater too. It serves the purpose of functionality and design. This is what we call working your creative side.


As you see, you can have your Atlanta pool builder build the waterfall of your dreams. It’s not as hard as you think so get started today!

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