5 Household Habits To Start in 2023

Uh oh, it happened again. You came home after work with a long list of things to do to clean up before the next day. While this is very frustrating, there is a simple solution to ending the cycle: implementing household habits. 

Take time each day to routinely clean up your home a little bit here and there so that it does not get out of control. Here are five household habits that you can start in 2023 for a cleaner, happier environment. 

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1. Empty Your Sink Every Night

What’s more frustrating than waking up and going to the kitchen to make your morning coffee than the dishes from the prior night staring at you because you did not wash them? Even if you are sleepy or full from dinner, try to be sure to empty your sink every night. 

If you are too tired to get your dishes done immediately after eating, try cleaning up as you go. While your pasta water boils, clean up any dishes in the sink from a prior meal. While you are waiting for a casserole to bake in the oven, quickly place the dirty dishes into your dishwasher or wash, dry, and put them away manually. 

2. Clear Off Flat Surfaces Throughout the Day

Tables, tops of dressers, and other flat surfaces invite clutter. Maybe you are picking up things in the living room and placing some objects down on the table to remind yourself to take them to your bedroom or the kitchen where it belongs. Before you know it, the flat surfaces are cluttered with random items.

Get in the habit of clearing off flat surfaces at least two to three times per day. Keeping up with this maintenance activity means that it will open up your rooms to look much cleaner when everything is in its proper home. 

3. Do One Load of Laundry Per Day

Washing, drying, folding (or hanging), and putting away one load of laundry per day can make it more manageable than dedicating an entire day to washing and sorting the laundry. Splitting up the laundry task into one manageable load each day will reduce stress and help you to tackle a little mess at a time rather than a huge undertaking at once. 

4. Make Your Bed

Believe it or not, making your bed can elevate your mood, make you feel more productive, and instantly make your bedroom feel that much cleaner. Even if you are sprucing up your bedroom one day, starting with a made bed can be the first step to finishing off the day with a clean bedroom. 

One study of people who regularly make their bed showed that 71% of them stated that they were happy. On the opposite side of the spectrum, 62% of the people who do not maintain this habit said that they were unhappy. Hence, it can elevate your mood to take the extra few minutes to make your bed every morning before going about your daily responsibilities. 

5. Categorize Your Mail Immediately

Are you tired of that pile of mail just accumulating on a table in your home? Install a mail sorter by your entryway. Separate your mail by what you have to answer and mail that you need to put elsewhere. For example, you may have to renew an insurance policy so place it in the answer pile. If you received a new insurance card, then that will be in the slot for placing the mail elsewhere. 

What Is A Household Habit You Are Doing In 2023? 

Which of these household habits are you going to start in 2023? Is there a particular habit not listed that you plan to do this year? Tell us your story in the comments!

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