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6 Reasons Why You Should Be an Aesthetic Nurse

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Are you considering going into the nursing field? There are plenty of different specialties that you can pursue as a nurse. Still, many consider becoming aesthetic nurses today. There are many benefits that you’ll want to know about.

If you’re ready to learn more about why you should be an aesthetic nurse, there are six great reasons in the article below. Let’s get started!

1. Change of Pace

Hospitals are very high-paced, stressful environments. If you’re feeling burnt out working as a nurse there, you can become an aesthetic nurse for a change of pace. The atmosphere is entirely different and is much more relaxed.

Instead of a hospital, aesthetic nurses work in medspas, plastic surgery, or dermatology offices. These places have a different atmosphere than a hospital- you won’t feel intense pressure and can relax. You’ll still have a lot of work to do, but the pacing feels much more laid back.

Plus, aesthetic nurses have a predictable schedule. You’ll start your shift knowing how many appointments there are and how long you’ll need to be there. Nurses who work in hospitals can have very unpredictable schedules. 

Overall, you should become an aesthetic nurse if you want a change of pace or don’t want to deal with the stress of working in a hospital. You’re sure to enjoy the environment of the medspa or plastic surgery office much more.

2. You Make Patients Feel Confident

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Being an aesthetic nurse is an enriching career. You perform procedures and treatments that make people feel more confident in themselves. You’ll also watch their confidence grow as they go through the process.

It’s a rewarding experience to see how your work affects your patients. You’ll feel wonderful knowing that what you do can improve the lives of those around you.

3. Access to Higher Salaries

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An aesthetic nursing practitioner’s salary can be higher than the salary of a nurse working in a hospital. The more aesthetic training you have, the more money you can expect to receive for your work.

On average, an aesthetic nurse practitioner salary is around $97,500 per year. Entry-level positions also have excellent starting salaries at about $78,000 per year. The most experienced aesthetic nurses can make nearly double that amount! 

Aesthetic nurses are very high in demand. With plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures becoming more common, more aesthetic nurses are required to fill the roles. Plus, these nurses are more in demand each year, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities available.

Overall, becoming an aesthetic nurse gives you access to very high salaries. You’ll also pick where to work since practices have many spots open for the position. It’s an excellent choice for your financial security and future.

4. The Industry is Always Growing

Next, the aesthetics industry is continually growing. If you enjoy learning, you’ll love this job- you’ll need to continue learning to use new tools and methods in your practice. The technology and techniques are constantly changing, so you’ll need to evolve with them.

Manufacturers are always coming up with new, innovative devices for professionals like you. In 2021, experts valued the global aesthetic medicine market at $99.1 billion. They expect it to continue growing with a compound annual growth rate of 14.5% between 2022 and 2030

With that growth, you can expect the global aesthetic medicine market to have plenty of opportunities and unique challenges for you to take on. You’ll also have access to the best and newest technology at all times.

Many aesthetic nurses enjoy this aspect of their job. If you love seeing new technology and devices in the aesthetic field, becoming a cosmetic nurse will let you use as many of them as you want. There’s also plenty of room for you to grow and develop your career as a professional registered nurse.

5. You Can Follow Your Passions

Photo by Sam Moghadam Khamseh on Unsplash

Most aesthetic nurse practitioners are very passionate about what they do. They love helping their patients achieve their goals and are enthusiastic about cosmetic services. You’ll provide your patients with exceptional care that only you can offer!

If you love caring for patients but have a passion for various cosmetic treatments, this field of work is best for you. You’ll perform procedures like laser skin treatments, liposuction, lip fillers, eyebrow raises, and more. There’s a wide variety of aesthetic surgeries, so you can choose the one you want to specialize in the most.

As mentioned above, you’ll also have plenty of chances to see what new technology is appearing in the aesthetic medicine market. If you’re passionate about it, you’ll love that you get to use it before most others even know the new devices and techniques exist.

Overall, many nurses in this field love that they can pursue their passions in their daily work. Your patients will notice that you enjoy your job and feel more comfortable around you too!

6. You’ll Have Job Security

Lastly, you’ll have a lot of job security. In today’s working market, job security is essential. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ll always have access to work when you become an aesthetic nurse.

Nurses are always in demand, with aesthetic nurses being even more in demand. You can even open your own medspa or practice with enough experience. Many aesthetic nurses spend time working for someone else, then go on to open their own location as the head physician. 

Finding and keeping a job won’t be an issue for you. There will always be plenty of opportunities for you to explore! 

Pursue an Aesthetic Nursing Career Today

Many aesthetic nurses enter the field for those six core reasons. You’ll have a change of pace in your work, enjoy a rewarding experience, and access outstanding salaries- even when you’re just starting! 

The sooner you start pursuing your education and training goals, the sooner you can become an aesthetic nurse. You’ll love your work and have a great time making your patients happy and more confident in their appearance. It’s incredibly rewarding, so start pursuing an aesthetic nursing career today!

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