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7 Tips For Creating Awesome Online Videos That Drive Business

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Video is a powerful medium to connect with people and can have a lasting impact on the success of your marketing efforts. It builds more satisfying and deeper relationships between your brand and the target audience, which, in turn, generates leads and drives business. 

The video marketing approach has taken a front seat, and it seems like everyone is working to create the most compelling videos to raise brand awareness. But how do you make exciting videos? What elements are needed to make your video content stand out? 

To save your time and energy, we have put together the seven best tips to produce videos that are worth watching and can generate high ROI and sales.


  1. Keep it short and crisp

While creating videos, remember that people tend to have a very short attention span. Hence, they will lose interest quickly if you don’t serve them something worth their time. 

 According to a HubSpot study, 5% of people generally drop off videos after one minute, and 60% stop watching after two minutes. This indicates that if your videos make viewers bored, they won’t hesitate to click away. 

 Short videos boost the audience’s attention while communicating the key message. Since 55% of videos are viewed on mobile devices, it is better to create brief videos to relay quick messages while focusing precisely on one or two concepts. 

As a rule of thumb, the videos shouldn’t be more than two minutes long. Otherwise, they might get dropped off from the viewers’ playlist. 


  1. Quality matters the most

The social media landscape is bustling with tons of video creators, and therefore, you need excellent video quality to stand out among competitors. Use a premium online video maker to capture shots in 1080p or 4K resolution. Also, use a widescreen 16:9 ratio to engage the viewers. 

 Use prominent video hosting sites such as YouTube, Vidyard, Vimeo, etc., to load your content faster. It’s no secret that high-quality videos drive more visitors to your website, which in turn increases leads and sales. 

 Moreover, good-quality videos leave a powerful impression on viewers, turning them into lifelong subscribers. 


  1. Don’t forget to employ a video SEO strategy

Keep in mind that a video without SEO will get you nowhere. SEO tactics aren’t only relevant for your blog posts and websites. They also play a major role in expanding your video reach. There are multiple SEO techniques you can adopt to help make your videos easier to find on YouTube and social media platforms.

 Use a keyword-rich title with no more than 70 characters to ensure your video ranks well. Thumbnails are the first thing that makes users watch your videos. Create high-quality, branded, engaging, and eye-catching thumbnails to rank your video. 

 You can use the keyword suggestion tool to find the relevant keywords. Additionally, don’t forget to add a keyword-rich description and a transcript to make the video more search-friendly. 


  1. Don’t autoplay

The trend of using the auto-playing video approach has increased over the past few years. But unfortunately, this approach usually causes more harm than good. While auto-playing videos may seem like an exciting way to hook the audience, it often comes at the expense of losing large swaths of users. 

 Autoplay media is no less than an annoyance for the audience while preventing users from navigating a site in a natural, intuitive way. It slows down the page speed and prompts the viewers to leave your site. 

 Therefore, it’s better to give your audience click-to-play control over your videos so that they can play videos whenever they want. 


  1. Including CTA is a must

So, you’ve succeeded in grabbing viewers’ attention right to the end of an exciting video. But there’s no point in hooking them for so long if they cannot take any further action. Therefore, do not forget to include a specific and robust call-to-action so that viewers can move to the next step and drive business for you. 

 Create a CTA that gives them a clear path further down the sales funnel. The primary objective of adding CTA is to prompt an immediate response from your customers based on your goals. 

 A CTA can be added by using an online video maker, and you can easily customize it to fit the desired action, whether to subscribe to a mailing list or take the viewer to your website. 


  1. Use customers testimonials to build credibility

The days when a brand’s hype is enough to drive the business are long gone. Nowadays, credibility has taken the front seat and is preferred over anything. Using social proof is an excellent way to bridge the gap between your brand and audience while boosting sales. 

 According to Animoto, 50% of customers find testimonial videos useful. There are plenty of ways to do it. You can either show likes, views, comments, or votes to showcase how other people are reacting to your products and services. 


  1. Define the best publishing time

In this era of cutting-edge competition, creating a video with high-quality visuals and audio effects is not enough to generate leads. Marketers need to determine the best time to share videos and get the most views in the first 48 hours. 

 The days on which the audience’s engagement level is high are Friday through Saturday and Wednesday. Sundays are the optimal days to upload a video on YouTube, either early morning or later in the evening. The higher views you’ll get, the more YouTube will recognize the significance of your video content. 

 All and all, it is essential to take a measured and proactive approach for creating and posting your videos to take advantage of high-volume eyeballs. 


It’s no secret that videos are one of the best ways to engage your audience while bringing your brand’s goals to life. Most businesses are now using video as a marketing tool to raise brand awareness, develop brand loyalty, and stimulate relevant conversations with potential prospects. 

 So, what’s stopping you? Apply the seven practical tips listed above and create an amazing video that is worth watching and sharing.

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