8 Signs You’re an Absolute NFL Fan

Are you a die-hard NFL fan? Do you know everything there is to know about the sport? If so, then you may exhibit some of the following signs. Keep reading to see if you can identify with any of them!

  1. You have a ton of NFL jerseys in your closet.

Okay, a few might be enough. But, you’re not just a fan of one team—you’re a fan of the entire league. And what better way to show your support than by wearing jerseys of all your favourite players? No matter who’s playing on any given Sunday, you’ll be sure to have the perfect jersey to wear. If you don’t have NFL jerseys in your possession, are you really even a fan?

  1. You can name every team’s starting quarterback.

You know all the big names, of course. But you also know all the backup quarterbacks and even some of the third-stringers. You’re always up on the latest news about who’s injured and who’s been benched. Lastly, you have strong opinions about each and every one of them.

  1. You have a favourite player on every team.

You may be loyal to your home team, but you also have a soft spot for players on other teams. You always make sure to catch their games and you love seeing them do well. Even if they’re playing against your team, you can’t help but root for them.

  1. You have strong opinions about NFL rules.

You may not always agree with the way the league is run, but that doesn’t stop you from having strong opinions about it. You’re always ready to debate the merits of different rules with other fans. And you’re never afraid to voice your opinion to the powers that be.

  1. You can rattle off team stats like it’s nothing.

You know how many rushing yards each team has, how many passing yards and even how many points they’ve scored. You’re a walking encyclopaedia of NFL knowledge and you love nothing more than showing off your expertise.

  1. You plan your life around NFL games.

If there’s a big game on, you make sure to clear your schedule. You might even take a sick day from work just so you can watch it. And woe to anyone who tries to interfere with your game-watching plans!

  1. You have strong opinions about NFL players.

You keep up with all the latest news about your favourite players. You know who’s dating whom and which player is holding out for a new contract. You even have opinions about what they should do with their lives off the field.

  1. You know all the NFL teams’ fight songs.

You’re not just a casual fan; you’re a die-hard supporter. Part of being a die-hard supporter is knowing all the fight songs. So whether it’s the Packers or the Patriots, you can sing along with the best of them.


So, how many of these signs do you identify with? If you can relate to all of them, then there’s no doubt about it—you’re an absolute NFL fan!

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