A Guide to MP4 Versus MPG: Choosing the Better Option

Both MP4 and MPG are digital multimedia container file formats. They are particularly used to stack audio and video media files. You might be confused about choosing between MP4 file format and MPG format for storing, downloading, and streaming media files. These two container formats are considered better than each other in specific areas, thereby helping you to make the final decision. No matter how good the MPG file format is considered, the prevalence of mp4 converter software is experiencing a huge upsurge.

Quality of the Video

When the quality of videos is concerned, the first question that emerges is whether MP4 is better than MPG. The answer is yes, the video quality of MP4 formats is superior to the quality rendered by MPG. Both at the same bit rate level, MP4 seems to include a contemporary video compression that offers a better quality of videos. Furthermore, when a comparison is studied on the quality ratio and size ratio of MP4 and MPG, the former seems to be better. This is because MP4 format supports more advanced video codecs, while MPG includes old forms of codecs.


Compatibility is yet another area of discussion when it comes to choosing between MP4 and MPG file formats. MP4 is a universally accepted video file format that is used primarily for online video streaming. In addition, the majority of portable devices, media players, and web browsers offer support for MP4 file format. Moreover, you can also use MP4 as the default playback format choice. When compared, the MPG format is recognized by several media players, but there are still platforms that don’t use or validate the .mpg file extension. Thus, it can be clearly stated that MP4 is better than MPG concerning compatibility. Hence, several MPG files are converted to MP4 formats using mp4 converter software.

Size of the File

The quality of the videos and the size of the files are proportional to each other. There is a general belief that when the size of the file is low, the quality of the video is also lower. But, this is not the case every time. For instance, H.264, and H.265 codecs are significantly small. Similarly, MPG video files are also small. Therefore, it can be safely claimed that both MP4 and MPG formats have small file sizes and have their own advantages.

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Video Codecs

Because the same company develops both formats (MP4 and MPG), you might believe that they can both support similar video codecs. In the case of supported video codecs, MP4 is a winner and supports a plethora of audio and video codecs, like H.265/HEVC and H.265/AVC. On the other hand, the MPG file format offers support for MPEG-1, MPEG-2, etc. Additionally, the MP4 file format is also known to support unclear or vague codecs, which are usually not utilized. Henceforth, you will come across more MP4-supported files than MPG-backed files. Codecs play a big role in determining the presentation of videos, and MPG doesn’t stand a chance when compared with MP4 file format.


Analyzing the ideal format for your videos is not a joke. Picking an incompatible format will cause damage to the files. Moreover, you might also face challenges accessing the videos. Experts always recommend selecting a format that is supported by the majority of media players and platforms. MP4 and MPG are considered the best formats given the conditions. Both formats have their pros and cons, and picking one over the other is sometimes overwhelming. From the above analysis, it is clear that MP4 formats are superior to MPG formats, henceforth the rising market of mp4 converter software programs in the market.


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