A Review of Top 5 People Search Sites

As we all know that time is running at a high speed and over time, we often lose connection with old friends and cannot get back in touch with them because we do not have any contact information about them. In this kind of situation, you can use a people search site to find the contact and other details about someone instantly. The use of these sites is the perfect way to reunite with lost friends, old mates, or relatives. 

A people search site gathers the most relevant information against the user’s search from various authentic sources to provide accurate results. So that the users can utilize this information to find out a particular person. 

Here we have provided some pros and cons of people search sites:


  • Let the lost friends reconnect. 
  • Allows the users to find out the deep details about a particular person.  
  • Empowers the users to recognize unknown callers. 
  • Enables users to perform background checks on strangers.


  • Delivers the data in a simple form.
  • Demands cost to access the in-depth report of a specific person. 

One main benefit of using a people search site is that it holds a large pool of information and also checks various public records to provide detailed reports. By using them, users can surely get accurate details in a matter of seconds. The manual searches that were performed in the past were time-consuming and more money was used to get a little information about a person. But today, anyone can easily explore the required information from anywhere and from any smart device against a defined amount. Various sites offer different subscription prices to fulfill the needs of the users. 

Top 5 People Search Sites:

Below we have listed 5 free people searching sites:

SearchPeopleFree (Overview):

People Search site at  SearchPeopleFree is a website that simply provides people searching services to facilitate the users. Today, no one wants to be around a person that has a dark background or has ever been involved in any illegal activity. Because this kind of person can be harmful. Users can easily check the history of a stranger including the criminal record, arrest record, and court orders. 

The report provided by this people search site contains all the relevant details of a person that are available in the database or publically available records such as the name, phone number, email, address, criminal record, and much more. It fetches information from online directories and publicly available records. So that the user can find out the right person for whom he/she is looking. Just provide a phone number and you can get a free detailed report


  • Delivers reliable results.
  • Instant results. 
  • Simple interface. 


  • Shows the results in a simple way. 

Intelius (Overview):

This is the most reputable people search site and has gained a high reputation because of providing excellent services to the clients for several years. One of the biggest strengths of Intellius is its way of presenting the information to the users, especially the web graph that shows how the individual reports are connected. The price structure is a bit difficult to understand. The prices are a bit higher and the monthly subscription starts from $25. 

Intelius is a reliable people search site that provides updated and accurate results about someone whom you are looking for. It delivers a comprehensive report about the searched person including contact details, photos, police records, court orders, background information, residential details, civil judgments, employment history, and much more.  


  • Delivers education and employment history.
  • Reputable Website.
  • Generates results instantly.


  • It is an expensive website.
  • Allows the user to search in the US only.

Spokeo (Overview):

Spokeo is a cheap people search site that allows the user to perform a search in the United States. It searches for the required information in publicly available records and social media sites. Also searches in public documents like the white page listings to deliver the user with the most accurate results. With it, users can search by name, phone number, email address, and residential address. 

This website has the most affordable prices as compared to other websites but it also does not provide comprehensive reports like you get in SearchPeopleFree. The monthly subscription costs $19.95 and a subscription of three months costs $14.95 per month. If you have to often search for the details of the person then it is good for you to choose a long-term plan. 


  • Allows the user to download the result in PDF format. 
  • Affordable price.
  • Provides automatic updates on searches.

Cons:Can be used for the people of the US.

  • Limited access to government records. 

PeopleFinders (Overview):

Like SearchPeopleFree, Peoplefinders also allows users to search for people through their name, address, phone number, and email address. Stop wondering about the unknown calls because now you can use the reverse phone lookup option to recognize the person who was calling you. This site also allows users to know about the history of a property or area. Searching for family members and friends has become much easier and quicker. With the help of the provided results the user can easily get in touch with a lost person. This site also provides the details of the neighbours to create ease for the users so he/she can easily reach out to the right person. 


  • It’s an easy-to-use website. 
  • Ensures accuracy of results. 
  • Signed-up users can access more details.
  • Searches a large number of public documents. 


  • Delivers too much information about distant relatives. 
  • The process of cancellation is very annoying. 


This is another good people search site like SearchPeopleFree which allows users to look for a person in the US. It provides up-to-date details about the searched person. This website contains a huge database to deliver the correct match swiftly. If you are looking for the primary details then you are at the right place.

This website provides the user with three options for finding an option such as by phone number, name, and address. Just type the available details of a person and get a detailed report about that person. If you want to dig down more information than the basic details then choose the premium report option. It will deliver you the details of the properties owned by a particular person, aliases, social networking, lawsuits, arrest records, and more. 


  • Quick Results. 
  • Has a good one-time price package. 
  • Established Website. 


  • It can be only used to look for persons residing in the US. 


In this digital world, We often get disconnected from old friends or colleagues. Remember that you can not ignore them because they are also an important part of life. You have spent time together and have memories with them. What if you want to reunite with them? And want to spend time with them? Don’t worry the revolution of technology has made it possible. Today, you can easily go to a good people search the site and search with the parameters you remembered about that person. 

These sites not only provide the user with contact information but also other details so that the user can easily reach out to that person without facing any hurdles. Sites like SearchPeopleFree provide detailed reports about the searched person. We all have friends from school or college with whom we may have lost touch but now we can easily connect again with the help of people search sites.  

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