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Boxing Gloves 101: All that You Need to Know

Did you know? Buying a boxing glove that perfectly fits you and your needs can be an extensive process involving many dos and don’ts. This may become overwhelming for some but not you because we got you covered. 

Here we will list everything you need to know before buying boxing gloves. So, let’s not waste any time and embark on this journey together. 

History of Boxing Gloves:

Boxing gloves can be dated as far as 300 BC, when the Germans used boxing as a form of entertainment and fun. So, to protect their hands during the activity, they used leather straps that covered and protected their hands. 

The Romans then picked the sport and moulded it to be something other than it was. The Romans used boxing not just as a sport but also to survive. So, the leather straps were now embedded with metal studs and spikes so that every blow counted. 

This change meant that one of the fighters was either dead or left permanently disabled at the end of every fight. These practices made the sport so brutal that it had to be banned. 

However, the boxing we now know and love came back in its full glory in the 16th century in Britain. The British not only brought the sport back from the dead but bettered it to be what it is today. 


The market is full of many types of boxing gloves. Some important ones are as follows:

Bag Gloves:

As is evident by the name, these gloves are only used while practising with a boxing bag and should never be used against an actual opponent, whether during training or fighting. They have a very minimal grip, making them easy to wear and carry. 

These gloves’ minimal design and weightlessness make it possible for the trainee to evaluate how his punches are landing and, hence, the spots where he is lacking. 

Training or Sparring Gloves:

These gloves are used to train against an opponent and can also be used with a bag. They are mostly made out of leather but may also be available in other materials. They have the thickest padding over the knuckles to protect and provide comfort. 

These gloves provide a good balance but protection and performance. They are better than bag gloves but lack some features than competition gloves; hence they can’t be used in the ring. 

Competition Gloves:

These gloves are similar to the training gloves but better. These gloves have stiffer padding, making the blows harder and providing more protection. These gloves are always to be worn with hand wraps. 

Competition gloves mostly come in a lace-up closure design but can be changed to Velcro using a small accessory. 


The material used in producing a boxing glove is of great importance. Here are some of the materials mostly used in boxing glove production:

Vinyl Gloves:

Vinyl gloves are the most budget-friendly gloves available in the market. They are a good buy for someone who is starting a career in boxing or does it occasionally. However, gloves made out of vinyl may not be a good option for professional boxers as they are not very durable and cause a lot of sweating. 

Real Leather Gloves:

Wanting to be fancy? Leather boxing gloves do just that for you. They may be a bit expensive, but they are worth every penny. These leather gloves provide extreme comfort and adapt to your hand’s shape. Hence, they are the best choice for anyone who wants to make a long time, fruitful investment. 

Polyurethane Leather:

If you want to experience genuine leather gloves at a lesser price, Polyurethane Leather gloves are the best thing for you. They are a lot cheaper and provide almost every feature made from real leather. 


It is very important to know what size gloves would work for you before even thinking about shopping for one. You only need to know two things to know what size best gloves for you would be: your weight and the circumference of your dominant hand. 

To measure the diameter of your hand, take a fabric tape or a strip of cloth and wrap it around your hands right under your knuckles. Measure the length of this strip. This is the diameter of your hands. 

Once you have both these measurements, consult the tables below to know what size fits you the best. 

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Sizing for Bag, Training, and Sparring Gloves:



Hand Circumference (inches)Size


90-120 5.5-6.58
120-150 6.5-7.512
150-185 7.5-8.514
185 and above8.5-9.516


Sizing for Competition Gloves:



Hand Circumference




Up to 148

6.5 – 7.5


148 and above

7.5 – 8.5




So, these were some must-know facts about boxing gloves for you to know. We hope the blog helped you in one way or another and that you will come back soon for more. 

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