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Digital Vaccine Certificate Verification For Risk-Free Onboarding

Often children are blamed for not obeying rules and regulations but in the current global situation, adults are the ones who continuously fail to understand the severity of covid. It is undeniable that the pandemic has sabotaged many businesses and proprietors are desperate to regain control and the public has also lost to covid. The digital vaccine certificate verification in this case enables both by restarting with protection and awareness. 

People are prioritizing their business and other things over the safety of their surroundings as well as themselves. The automated solution for digital vaccine certificate verification can identify such souls in a second, providing a protective layer to everyone and limiting the flow of people getting infected by restricting access or entrance of covid positive persons.

Process of Digital Vaccine Certificate Verification

The online authentication system is swift and precise, many people often get displeased when they have to get their covid pass verified multiple times, the solution performs digital vaccine certificate verification in a brief period of time.

  1. AI-powered validation system scans the submitted vaccine report pass or covid passport where the QR code of the deed and its ID of the specific vaccine center is authenticated in the record houses of the health authority or any other concerned online storage unit
  2. Like the e-KYC solution, the digital vaccine certificate verification system with the state-of-the-art OCR technology inspects the entire vaccine document, learns and separates out any put-on data
  3. The concluded result of the digital vaccine certificate verification is recorded and presented to the verifying business in a few moments

What Does Digital Vaccine Certificate Verification Offer to Businesses?

Having Covid free business activities are as important as Know Your Business for the smooth running of your businesses in the pandemic.

Operating Offline

AI-driven authentication programs to verify covid certificate does not rely on any broadband connectivity for deducing vaccination results. The process of digital vaccine certificate verification can be collected seamlessly with a 100% accuracy rate, making the confirmation and onboarding of customers swift.

AI Network

The reliability of digital vaccine certificate verification is proved by the mere fact that the authentication solution consists of a network of substantial AI models linked with each other like a blockchain. Just like a team of players integrated supports each other, exactly like that the AI models combined produce accurate results in real-time. The program due to AI keeps getting improved so the results can never be false.

Use Cases of Digital Vaccine Certificate Verification

The automated validation program for covid confirmation is the new necessity of almost every kind of business in the market which is not leaving any time soon unless people do realize their responsibilities as a citizen. Some of the major industries or businesses that benefit from covid pass confirmation are:

Function Halls 

Post the lockdown, a large group of people either went to a decent eatery or a function hall for celebrating ceremonies and gatherings. The solution for digital vaccine certificate verification can confirm the vaccine status of guests before entering the main premise and even before making a reservation, the management can verify the covid record passes of the main client to ensure compliance with regulations.


Other than business owners, students are the ones who got affected by the lockdown. The digital vaccine certificate verification solution confirms the vaccine records in no time, identifying the health status of the screened individual. It can be used by the management of schools and universities to ensure that the student entering the campus is vaccinated. It is quite important as after shopping malls or halls, educational institutes are the place that is filled with a considerable amount of population.


The isolation has not only affected the flow of organizations and institutes. A large number of individuals move towards the gym to get into a fit state. The system of digital vaccine certificate verification enables staff of the gym to authenticate the covid card of people before customer onboarding. The automated authentication program to verify vaccine certificate filters out engineered cards or backdated ones in real-time.


One of the busiest industries before and after lockdown is traveling and hotels. The airlines and ticketing platforms validate vaccine passports before ticket confirmation and post that hotel management, resorts, and even vacation guest houses can perform digital vaccine certificate verification to make bookings and ensure that the other party is vaccinated and risk-free.


The cases of falsely created vaccine cards or passports due to either not having health insurance and to avoid expenses of treatment, or being afraid of rumored after-effects of the vaccine, or not discontinuing work, are increasing exponentially. The solution for digital vaccine certificate verification ensures that none of such reasons comes in between the business of an entity and the safety of the public.