Every Smartphone and Laptop Is Rigged

The big tech companies are just like the government with their own agenda. They have the power to do whatever they want without your permission because they are only out for themselves and not you. It’s all about profit, not people. Big tech is one of the most powerful organizations in the world today and it’s growing even stronger by everyday.

Social media networks have been accused of giving unfair privileges to companies who advertise on their site (example: Facebook), but now we’re discovering that social media networks aren’t just biased towards the people who pay them, but also towards those who work for them. This was recently discovered when a former employee leaked some documents from Facebook that exposed Mark Zuckerberg and his company as racist against Asian-Americans (because Asians tend to use smartphones more than other races). Facebook had a meeting where it was decided that Mark would make sure there weren’t too many Asians working at Facebook so its employees wouldn’t look too much like a certain country or anything along those lines..

This is pretty messed up for so many reasons, but I really don’t think anyone should be surprised at this point after seeing how these big tech companies act lately (Google or Twitter). We always knew these big corporations were shady, but we didn’t think they’d go this far! I mean what other reason besides racism would force someone to fire their best workers? What if someone “stole” an idea from another employee? Would they fire him/her? The answer is yes. Big tech is a monopoly and they don’t treat their employees like people, but rather as a resource.

The rising concern with Big Tech is privacy. With the rise of new technologies and smartphones, these companies are able to collect a lot more information about you than ever before in history. How? There are many different ways that Big Tech is able to collect your information at an alarming rate (example: Google’s tracking abilities). Now that we have social media networks, it’s very easy for them to gather any information they want about you whether it’s online or offline.

The problem is most people don’t know how much there data is worth on the black market (millions), and this makes them vulnerable when it comes to identity theft because they won’t even realize until its too late! Even if you think your private information isn’t being collected by Big Tech companies, maybe think again! They’re collecting everything from your location to what music you listen too! In fact, one company has developed a way for AI computers that can analyze a person based on their music preferences (from analyzing every song ever made) and predict where he/she would be at certain times of day! This means we’re living in world not far off from George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984 where everyone was constantly monitored by the government.. It seems like this world might be closer than ever before now..

And I’m not sure if anyone realizes how bad privacy really is now or if anyone cares. I’d like to think that everyone cares about their privacy and does everything they can to protect it, but I’m not so sure this is the case.

This is a huge problem because Big Tech companies like Facebook and Google even have more information than the government (example: Google). This means that these corporations are able to influence people more in ways that the government can’t. For example, if you’re looking for a job and you don’t want to work for a certain company or you don’t want them finding out your personal information (for whatever reason), then maybe it’s better if you just stay away from them.. If your employer finds out that you’re on social media networks, they could use this against you when it comes time for raises and promotions! All of your personal information is at stake here! Even something as simple as filling out one of these “fitness quizzes” could be used against you in court if someone decides to sue/sue over something stupid..

It’s crazy! And what happens when our children begin using Facebook? They’ll have all of their pictures online somewhere and they won’t even know how much there data is being collected (because kids are dumb). The point I’m trying to make here is: Big Tech companies have too much power over us! They can easily manipulate us into doing whatever they want by controlling what we see online or by manipulating our beliefs through fake news content on social media networks.

I do not think Big Tech is evil. I think it’s a very useful tool for communication and entertainment. What I’m trying to say is that Big Tech needs more regulation than ever before because we’re at such a crucial point in history. These companies are getting more powerful by the day, and if nothing changes then they’ll be too powerful.. We have to save our privacy while we still can! The future of our data depends on it!

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