How can Custom Candle Labels boost up your business?

With a sight of candle , the first thing that comes to our mind is peace, aesthetics and spirituality. Our mind diverts from all the hustle and bustle of life towards silence, peace and tranquility. Custom candle labels have added to the value of candles by providing a diversity of designs , scents and shapes.
Options available to label the candles:
In today’s world, people tend to find some moments of peace out of their busy and noisy lives. So Candles do give a feeling of softness in life. And candle business has increased so much that now there are brands for candle making who are competing one another.
A. Wrapping around the jars:
One of the most used label design is the wrapping of the label sticker around the candle jar. The sticker can be wide or a thinner one. The thinner one gives a look of clean label and leaves a lot of space for designing. The adhesiveness of sticker does not by the way damages the material of the jar.
B. Patterns as labels:
Sometimes, whole of the candle or the candle box is enclosed in beautiful designs. And the pattern is over all the jar. Color schemes which are used in these jars differ. For example, if you want to gift someone on birthday; then choose some showy and bright colors, if you want to gift candle to an elderly person; choose some sober and decent colors, if you want to light the candle on some romantic candle light dinner; go for some solid colors and if you want to remember someone or something by lightening candles, go for black or white colors and so on. The pattern represents the attention of the brand towards the needs of the customers. Patterns are life!
C. Cards and ribbons:
Some of the brands go for a unique and innovative way of giving a label to the jar. They attach cards and ribbons to the jars and on them, descriptions are given whether of the company or the brand or of the product inside. This gives a look of sophistication and extreme mannerism to the packages. Cards and ribbons come in great diversity and variety and this creates a lot of choosing options for the customers.
D. Embossing and de bossing:
Sometimes the labels come as embossed or debossed writings and that gives an antique look to the jars and boxes. Customization occurs in this form and it includes the name and address of the company, any kind of slogan , any description or warning of the material inside.
E. Foiling of the labels:
The foiling of the labels whether gold, silver copper and aluminum give royal look. The material of writing may be matte or gloss off which increases.
F. Candle boxes’ material:
These labels are attached to the boxes which are of cardboard or Kraft material. These materials come in handy when the candle is lighter in weight and is of small size whereas rigid or corrugated material is used when the candle is of large size and more weight. All these materials are eco friendly and do no harm to the environment if burnt or wasted. Besides, they are highly sustainable and reliable boxes that keep the candles intact and in generic form.
And so Customization may include;
Name of the brand
Address of the brand
Slogan of the company
Wax material used like lemon wax etc.
Scent of the wax like mountain air etc.
Design of the jar like cylinderical jar etc.
Weight of the candle
So Warning for any kind of misuse of the candle as it does burn and is a sensitive material so to maintain it’s generic quality , precautions are necessary.
Benefits of Custom Candle Label:
1. Custom label gives identity to your brand:
Label is a sign of recognition and when you customize it , it becomes a sign of identification for the brand. Something that becomes a tag and earns instant recognition. This helps your brand to stand out among all. And When you have mentioned your brand name, address and description of inside material on the label, you earn the trust of the customers and they start to value you more than ever.
2. Labels give expansion:
Your expand your business activity  once you label your items. Once a consumer will get your custom label candle , he will definitely refer it to others and next time you would have more people as customers. This is what happens when you provide quality with reliability and merit. So  Your business activity expands and it benefits you tremendously.
3. Ensures the quality of candle boxes:
Custom labels enhances the quality of the candle boxes and makes them prominent among all. This feature qualitifies the candles and attracts the customers excessively. Whether it is a Kraft box or a Cardboard box, a Corrugated box or a rigid box or a Folding carton, labels enhance their worth and looks. The labels in the form of cards are also sometimes of these material and the flutes add up to their worth.
4. Wholesale benefits the business:
Candle boxes on wholesale are a way to earn profit in businesses in fact. When you get something in bulk and then sell it on retail, then the profit earned benefits your business a lot. You can than Invest on some other aspect of the business and the activity goes on like this. In the same way if you are a label maker, you can earn by selling labels in a bulk or by buying them and then sticking them to the candle boxes for a whole new look of the jars. When You go to a shop and see enthralling candles with their boxes which they have piled up on the counter, you get a candle out of it’s beauty , scent and design of the jar.
Wrap up:
So to conclude, candles are a very sensitive commodity of the use. And They need protection against burnt near combustible materials, they need to keep them dry and in solid form and any harm to the wax can completely destroy the product. And so to keep them intact candle boxes take the day.

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