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How to Gain Your First (or Next) 1,000 Instagram Followers

Attracting the first 1,000 Instagram followers  can seem like a huge hurdle when you only have 5, and 1 of them is your mom.  Starting a new Instagram page with zero followers is difficult. Tracking is hard to build and maintain when you start at the bottom. Buying cheap active Instagram followers  through BuzzVoice can save you time and save you frustration. We can help you reach many new ROI followers and increase your influence on social media. 

The Instagram algorithm naturally favors accounts with more followers and people who like Instagram. When you buy Instagram followers, your pages and posts are rated higher by the Instagram algorithm, which converts more traffic from your target market to your account. The natural growth is when you start interacting with accounts with similar content and their followers. Why do I recommend doing this? Well, if 30,000 people liked this one friend’s stuff (that’s just like yours), they’ll probably like yours too!

How to generate 1000 Instagram followers (naturally) in about 2 months:

  1. For 3 or 4 days, look for content that is similar to the content you post, and add it by clicking Like and Comment. You should do this so that the browser page shows exactly what you want to show/view.
  2. In a matter of days, go to your browser page and find someone with similar content and more followers. It should now be easy to find similar content that you’ve indicated to the Instagram algorithm to see what interests you.
  3. Check the quality of the recording. What do they do differently? Maybe they use the same filter for each photo (I don’t think it’s as important as people think, but no) or post at the same time every day.

Maybe they are too creative. Do they offer gifts that solicit emails? Email or Likes/Comments (ahem, engagement)? Make a note of everything they do and use it as a link to your account extension.

  1. Find the appropriate grid tag. View their playlists and write down the playlists they use. Then find another account similar to theirs, with the same number of followers, and do the same. If it’s a very large account, you might not see a placemark. See the first comment on the post as some people put them there.

If you still don’t see the Hashtag, scroll down until you reach the beginning of their feed. If they grow organically, they are likely to use them regularly at some point. Copy all Hashtags, then paste them into a Google Doc or email. Email Comments.

  1. Use Hashtags properly. You should now have plenty of quality, relevant Hashtags  to choose from. You will rely on these grid tags to create a second post. The most important thing for Instagram to avoid shadow bans is to avoid using the same hashtags every day (even if that’s what big accounts do). Large accounts usually do not require the use of grid tags. For them, it’s mostly about promotion.

Instagram works on an algorithm that prioritizes quality content, inclusion, and not spam. With the new update, Insta constantly checks for “robotic behavior” and may force you to post the same playlist every day.

When I say doc, I mean that you don’t appear on a feed that contains specific tags with a grid. This practice is similar to a site Google detects for duplicate content, so be careful!

  1. Find followers who are genuinely interested in your content. My advice is to look at slightly larger accounts, perhaps with 1,400 to 5,000 followers. See everyone they follow, not their followers.

We want your relationship to be perfect, but not until you grow up. You’ve probably noticed that accounts with more followers than you see receive a lot of praise, communication, and branding. To get there, you need to find people who like the content you create.

  1. 7. Leave thoughtful comments when communicating with the post. Don’t try to crop corners by automating your responses through a third-party system. I told you it would be a difficult task, and I had it in my mind.

You get what you put in it. If you leave spam comments, don’t expect genuine engagement/interest in your content. Why should someone care about your posts and you don’t care about them?

I once had a mutual friend who posted an unfortunate story about a deceased family member. Someone used auto-comments and commented “yes, cool” on a very personal post – don’t be that guy.

  1. Repeat these steps every day for 30 days. Your engagement should be great on your 30th day, but the relationship between your followers and followers will look crazy.
  2. It’s time to stop seeing spam accounts and people who haven’t followed you. This is the only place where I cut corners. I use two programs for this process and both are free. I use the unfollow and follower track to see who unfollows me..

This process will take forever, but can help your engagement and establish the right relationship between followers and followers. Technically, in the larger scheme of things, proportion doesn’t matter. However, if you have more followers than you see, you can prevent people from using the “follow and don’t follow anymore” practice.

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