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How to Remove Speed Limiter on Electric Scooter?

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There is a need to clarify a couple of questions before starting the article. They are related to removing the speed limiter. Let’s see their answers first.

Can I Make My Electric Scooter Go Faster?

Your electric scooter can go faster if you add an extra battery with it. You can also upgrade the motor of your scooter. You may also increase the aerodynamics of your electric scooter by making it lightweight. Lastly, you can remove the speed limiter of your scooter.

Owning your electric scooter is fantastic. You can use it as it is or can customize its settings. Depending on using an electric scooter, you can make it your best partner for your commute. On weekends, you can enjoy having your electric scooter under your feet with your friends.

If you want to add up fun and excitement to your electric scooter riding, there is an option to increase the speed of electric scooters. You would want to know how?

You will have to remove the speed limiter on the electric scooter.

Process of Removing Speed Limiter on Electric Scooter

You must know which type of electric scooter you have because the process can differ from brand to brand.

Make Electric Scooter Run Faster by Setting the Display

  •         First, switch on the display of the scooter.
  •         Press the brake handle and hold it for a while.
  •         Press the Power button, and you will see P1 on the display of your scooter.
  •         Move P1 to P3 by using the Light button.
  •         At last, press S for saving the settings

Use Manual Operations to Remove the Speed Limiter

Tools required: Pincer, screwdriver

  •         First of all, detach the two crosshead screws at the front desk using a pincer.
  •         Remove two more crosshead screws at the top by using a pincer.
  •         Open the case towards the front wheel.
  •         You will find four wires and cut their base by using a screwdriver.
  •         Secure the wires by taping them.
  •         Close the casing and fix the four crosshead screws.

How to Remove the Speed Limiter of Hover1 Electric Scooter?

Hover 1 electric scooter is a famous one among the people.  Specifically because of the Hover 1 electric scooter charge time, that is 4-6.5 hours. Additionally, its build quality makes it unique from other electric scooters.

When we talk about removing the speed limiter on Hover 1 electric scooter then, there are two ways to remove the speed limiter of the Hover 1 electric scooter.

Removing Speed Limiter by the Display

  •         First of all, turn your Hover 1 electric scooter on.
  •         You will have two-speed modes at the top of the display.
  •         Press the power button, and you will see one on display.
  •         S showing at the top goes away.
  •         Then press the power button again.
  •         You will see two on display and a small S at the top.
  •         S means the super speed of the electric scooter.
  •         Press and hold the power button to remove the speed limiter.

Removing Speed Limiter Manually

  •         Keep the Hover 1 electric scooter upside down.
  •         You will see three screws.
  •         Unscrew them with the small screwdriver.
  •         Uncover the lid of the electric scooter.
  •         You will see the battery pack inside it.
  •         Disconnect the battery by unplugging it to avoid any mishaps.
  •         You will have to search for a white wire with the plug to remove the speed limiter.
  •         Once you find that, unplug and tape it for safety.
  •         Carefully put the cover back on the electric scooter and screw it.
  •         Do not over-tighten the screws.

Why is My Electric Scooter Going Slow?

If your electric scooter is going slow, you need to keep an eye on the scooter’s battery. It would help if you took care of the battery by protecting it from harsh weather conditions.

Low tire pressure is also a cause of the slow speed of the scooter. You must timely fill the air in the pneumatic tires. Brakes also require regular adjustments. Discs of the brakes and the cable have to be fixed occasionally.

You must watch for the bearings and other small parts if they are not damaged.There is a need to update the firmware of the electric scooter when you feel it’s slow speed.


It is easy to remove the speed limiter on the electric scooter without getting your hands dirty by the display setting. But if you plan to do it permanently, go for the manual option. If you are an expert rider, then it is good to ride with the maximum speed of your electric scooter.

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