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Is a drop down longboard good for beginners?

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The market for jungle longboards is crowded with dozens, even hundreds of products available. Large tables, small tables, cheap tables, expensive tables, symmetry, pintails, drop-throughs, drop decks, top mounts, cruisers, knotters, freeride boards, freestyle boards, dancers…

If you are a beginner who wants to buy your first longboard – or say your first heavy longboard – you may have been weaving through a wealth of information trying to find out which longboard is best for you first.

Drag through vs drop-down:

The skating world is notorious for having too many products for beginner skaters. For skaters who want a longboard, the problem is finding one that fits their specific needs.

The two long charts are where the arguments start to fall through vs. decks fall, and this article focuses on them. Because the two long albums look similar, it makes it difficult to choose between them.

Once you understand the basic difference between falling down styles and longboard reasons, your search for a board may be narrowed down. I will make sure by the end of your reading, that you will be much more knowledgeable in making your decision.

At the same time, the drop-through model gives you a combination of speed and movement. Keep reading for more information.

Comparison drop Through vs Drop Down

Slide through longboards

They feature very little to no medium, making them ideal for inexperienced riders. The reduced center of gravity increases their durability at full speed, though not as much as the long, falling board.

Because drop-down boards are generally more flexible than deck boards mounted up or down, it is possible to take them to faster distances but this is not recommended.

In addition, the lower deck of drop-off boards allows for easy push and foot braking while riding cheaply. The center of gravity of the fall through also allows for slipping.

Falling through is much more forgiving of mistakes than the form of falling through. Beginners often carry too much distance into hooks, especially when starting down a hill. They also start very hard on slides.

This is possible due to the increase in sculpting and traction abilities naturally.

As a longboard beginner, should you get a 40 ″ submarine platform? Asymmetrical stiff freeride board with solid wheels? Pretty pintail in surf style?

Here’s the truth: there’s no such thing as a longboard for beginners. You can start pretty much on ONE longboard. The choice you choose is largely a matter of personal goals and preferences.

Also, much of the advice available comes from younger cyclists. Whether you are in your 30s, 40s, or 50s, your goals and limitations as a beginner can be quite different. You may be looking at a longboard as a great way to move around while you have an explosion and stay healthy.

I hope you get a better idea of what you want for a long starter board.

You want a starting longboard for going on a cruise

This type of riding covers a wide range of situations, with an equally wide selection of longboard options. We will try to narrow it down a bit based on your main focus.

A word of caution: many beginner beginners think that they just want to cycle to work or take a leisurely cruise. Often, however, they get caught, and within a month or two, they want to move on to more technical riding – be it freeride, long-distance pumping, freestyle, or downhill.

That’s why veterans often advise beginners not to choose a “pure” tour board first, as they grow faster than the board and feel that they are blocked if they decide to go into the more advanced stuff.

Starter long passenger board

Your main goal may be to cycle to work or school a few miles away, on open roads and sidewalks. For this, you will want a larger board that rides down for stability and ease of pushing (less distance to the ground). You’ll find this in a drop-through board. You’ll also need some flexible deck for comfort, and large soft wheels for shock absorption.

Longboard starter for travel to cities

Now, if you can get your way through the city’s busy streets, crowded sidewalks, and tight corners, you are going to want a medium-long, nimble and lighter board that you can lift and walk with. A kicktail is also useful for kicking turns when it’s tight and for getting up and down the bends.

Check out the Landyachtz Dinghy (see my full review) for quick weaving around obstacles, with its comfortable foot pockets, wheel springs, and active kicktail.

Alternatively, if you expect your voyage to be quieter, less crowded, and less slalom, you can get a larger but more accessible starting longboard such as the Arbor Dropcruiser city submarine – see full review agam.

Longboard start for a leisurely cruise

If you do not plan to cycle long distances or around town, and if you do not want from your long starting board to relax in the park or at the beach, you will find an elegant, nice pintail it is comfortable with larger wheels.

Pintails are not as stable at speed and are often not concave, but they are very nice to travel. Because of their shape and high slope, they are responsive, turn-based, and very enjoyable for moderate riders.


So now, if I were to ask you which longboard is best for you as a beginner, what would you say?

I have no doubt yet

I found my perfect table

I just want to try a few more things before I decide

If your answer is 2 or 3, this article has fulfilled its mission in your life. If you have answered 4, it has done an even better job of opening your eyes to what is out there.

However, if you have answered 1, it means that there was not enough information here to help make a decision. This would not be a real surprise, however, if you are at a very early stage of your project to get started on a longboard. If that’s true, I suggest you check out some introductory articles like this one on the types of longboards.

Anyway, whatever you choose to do, I wish you all the best for your future boarding!

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