Most common pests found in homes

The balance of the world’s ecosystems depends on the presence of critters and bugs, but when they are in areas they shouldn’t be in your home, they not only create difficulty by being an annoyance but also have the ability to spread illness and seriously harm your property. If there is an increase in pests getting out of control, hiring residential pest control services is only an option.

Types of pests in a household:

Cockroaches– These insects contaminate food, ruin fabric and paper, leave stains on surfaces, and, depending on the species, can spread germs and dangerous diseases including salmonella, coliform, staphylococcus, streptococcus, and the hepatitis virus. 

Termites– Termites destroy silently. They may nibble through wooden structures, including the beams that give support to your house. Termites are eventually found beneath the walls where they cannot be noticed, but signs can be seen through the bubbling of wall paint and tubes made up of mud.

Flies– Flies are more than simply a nuisance because they are known to carry more than 100 potential illnesses. Flies are drawn to food in particular, and the germs they leave behind on the objects they contact can cause food poisoning or other severe illnesses. Gnats, fruit flies, houseflies, and other common flies are among them. 

Mosquitos– You are well aware of how disturbing these bloodsucking creatures can be when you are outside your home. You definitely don’t want them to follow you into your house and make a mess of your cozy place. They cause dengue. In addition, they result in bites that cause itching and irritation; mosquitoes may spread illnesses to both humans and pets.

Spiders– Spiders cause annoyance since their webs appear in locations where they are not wanted, such as restrooms, family rooms, and bedrooms, which results in an unhygienic environment. 

Rodents– The rodents like mice and rats are known to transmit a wide range of hazardous and life-threatening illnesses like typhoid, meningitis, and infectious jaundice. Rodents like to build their nests in isolated, dark, and shabby areas where they won’t be disturbed, and they love to remain unnoticed, such as basements of your property and spaces beneath or between floors.


Maintaining a clean home is the first practice of protecting from any household pests. Make sure to clean up spills and crumbs as soon as they occur, and store dry things like pet food in airtight containers. Additionally, make an effort to lessen the number of entry points for pests into your house by fixing any ripped surface, patching foundation cracks, weather-stripping gaps, and sealing around arriving and exiting vents and pipes.

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